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08.31 2009

Let Me Know If My Abs Get Too Tight

white on black version for sale here.

08.31 2009

T-SHIRT FEST 2009! T-Shirt No.3


08.30 2009

Lightning Bolt, BoBo, Drums Like Machine Guns and Andrew Jeffrey Wright

all the way live at The First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, Monday August 31st, 8pm, $10. It’s an all age rage!

08.28 2009


LIGHTNING BOLT, BOBO, DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS AND ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT – ART JOKES all the way live at The First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, Monday August 31st, 8pm, $10. It’s and all age rage!

08.27 2009

T-SHIRT FEST 2009! T-Shirt No.2: the Diamond Wave

“Hey handsome, that is a neat shirt.”
“Oh thanks, I made it.”
“Wow, where can I get one?”
“Does it come in other color combinations?”

08.24 2009


Store 1026 kicks-off Andrew Jeffrey Wright T-Shirt Fest 2009 with the Mr. ET shirt! This is the first time this shirt has been available online ever maybe! Get it in natural and black.

08.09 2009

ycdton comedy tour! NOTES FROM THE ROAD

So each show overall got better as the tour went on and Brooklyn was great so we expected Providence to be INSANE! and then Providence happened and we were like, what the crap was that? Were these the same routines we had done before that were received so well? Yes. Then why did it feel like we were performing in a morgue? I don’t want to be harsh, but it felt ungood. The host Joseph Hanks was hilarious and it was a good thing I was in the audience busting apart cause no one else was. After the show, I mentioned to my Providence friends that the show did not go well but they insisted that it did and that they were all laughing. I guess it was just hard for me to hear the laughter over the sound of the crushing silence. Because AS220 is run so legit this show did make us the most amount of money of the whole tour, so that was awesome. Overall the whole tour was a success and I’d perform in Providence again in a second because I love Providence. On tour I sold out of my comedy video! The last video was purchased by art legend Noah Lyon. Thanks to all the local acts for being a part of the experience and thanks to all the venues for having us! The next tour is being planned for December 2012! See you then!

08.08 2009

ycdthat on comedy tour! NOTES FROM THE ROAD

I don’t mean to make Brooklyn sound all great and stuff, but Brooklyn ruled last night. The show at Cinders was the best show of the tour so far. It was a totally sold out performance with people standing on the sidewalk looking through the gallery windows trying to get a glimpse of what the future of comedy will be. Life artist Zac Carr opened the show with a found audio presentation that featured an 8 minute song about E.T. traveling the world and then he leaves planet Earth because he decides that Earth people are not ready. You know what E.T.? Brooklyn’s ready. Sto and Kelie rule.

08.07 2009

ycdo that on comedy tour! NOTES FROM THE ROAD

Dear Everybody That Came To The Performance At Space 1026 Last Night
Experimental theater and comedy are the same thing. You knew that though, right? Last night at Space 1026 we each made $5.25 more than we did the night before and the night before that we each made $4. more than the night before! That is what math is all about! Also last night the brand new Philly based performance crew I am a part of with Rose, Kendra and Laris, had their debut! We performed a little something known as improv drama. It got heavy at times and I think a lot of demons were exercised. See you in Brooklyn!

08.06 2009

ycan’t do that on comedy tour! NOTES FROM THE ROAD

So we will be in my hometown tonight at my home space, Space 1026. Philly, get ready for some serious experimental theater! You are not going to see any of this this stuff on PBS! Last night we performed at Tarantula Hill in Baltimore. With the exception of when Brian Blomerth was onstage the room was kind of crickety. Brian has a great act based on art therapy, gender roles and whether the microphone works or not. The evening had a lot of festivities, a cat show, a food eating contest, a baking contest as well as our four acts and videos. The caretakers of Tarantula Hill, Twig and Carley, rule! We each made four more dollars than the night before!