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02.26 2008

go big or go home

So, yes the craziness continued at Prints Gone Wild in Saint Louis…and you can see many more photos on my flickr page.

02.22 2008

Prints Gone Wild

Delilah and I made it safe and sound to St Louis for Prints Gone Wild at the Contemporary Art Museum – we started setting up and Bill and Delilah couldn’t help themselves when they saw Dennis and Mike’s newest creations. We’ve heard there is going to be some sort of branding performance tomorrow…god help us.

Stay tuned for more reports from St. Louis

02.22 2008

Matt Leines at Clementine

Matt Leines (Jungleland, 2007) is showing at Clementine Gallery this month. The opening reception for his show, The Righteous Age is this Saturday, February 23rd from 6-8.
Clementine is at 623 W. 27th St. in New York. It runs through March 29th.

02.12 2008

White Noise mystics at Space 1026

At a moment when the so-called adults of the world are failing to find solutions to the big problems that face us on Planet Earth, a desperate new generation is turning to mysticism for a way out of the mess we are making.

Their thinking is not so far from the thinking of the ’60s, with its search for transcendance through sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

White Noise at Space 1026 this month is a group show about modern mysticism, spirituality, new psychedelia and the environment. It draws artists from coast to coast and includes one from Finland.

Read the full review on Artblog

02.11 2008


An Evening with Cannonball Press and Space 1026
Thursday, February 14, 2008 | 7:00

02.06 2008

asian crew loves store 1026

store hours–
friday 6-10pm
saturday 2-8pm

02.01 2008

Labs With Abs 2008 Calendar Release

Just in time for chinese new year!
Labs With Abs Calendar 2008 Release Event!
Come and get yours!

where: Space 1026
1026 Arch St., 2nd fl.

when: Monday February 4th
5:30pm – 8:30pm

hand screen printed in an edition of 250.
hurry up and get yours!
they will go faster than speedy gonzales with diarreah!

if you don’t live around philly and want to buy one email me for details. thanks.
andrew jeffrey wright

02.01 2008

STORE 1026

we’re open tonight from 6-10!!!! come on in!!!!

White Noise Show Zine & Poster

By Justin B. Williams, Kyle Mock and Isaac Lin

Signed & numbered edition of 15. Only $25 bucks at Store 1026.

01.31 2008


Come by Friday Night for the opening of WHITE NOISE and get a copy of the zine that goes along with the show, or, if you cant make it, order a copy fromCANTAB PUBLISHING.

01.30 2008


On 7:00PM Friday, February 1st, 7-10:30pm
At Space 1026 in Philly, 1026 Arch St.
******WHITE NOISE********
A show about modern mysticism.

Young people are turning to spirituality, new psychedelia, environmentalism and mysticism expressed through art-making to find solace in this crazy place.

sculpture/installation, drawings, paintings, & video/animation.

Drew Beckmeyer
Michelle Blade
Thermi Caniagim
Kevin Hooyman
Pauliina M