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06.02 2010


Some People I Met Rolling Around On The Ground, curated by Rich Jacobs.
Opening Friday, June 4th, 7 – 10 pm.
Read More about it in Philadelphia Weekly.

05.30 2010


Megawords Magazine Issue #13 is available at 1026. Stop by and pick up a copy, it’s free as usual.

05.24 2010

Plus Eighty One

Andrew Jeffrey Wright talked to Japanese magazine Plus Eighty One about Space 1026. Some images (because who knows where to get this publication outside of Japan) on our Flickr.

05.20 2010

Dufala’s Ice Cream Truck featured in the Wicklow Times

Too bad the article on feuding ice cream truck drivers in this Irish newspaper has nothing to do with the piece or their 2006 show at 1026.
Way to go lazy photo intern!
via Getnloose.

05.16 2010

Move Curated By Rich Jacobs.

I just updated the next show for the site and thought i would let y’all know about it up front too… this is going to rule.

Move Curated By Rich Jacobs.
June 4th @ Space 1026

Here is the artist list… buckle up!!!
Eric White, Calef Brown, Jim Houser, Garry Davis, Karoline Collins, Tim Kerr, Chrissy Piper, Mofo, Jordin Isip, Rich Jacobs, Stephen Powers, Alberto Kroeger, James Gallagher, Jeff Canham, Louie Cordero, Bert Queiroz, Melinda Beck, Dan Murphy, Tod Swank, Rodger Bridges, Caroline Hwang, Jason Polan, Matt Leines, Jocko Weyland, Billy Sprague, Kate Hurowitz, Clint Woodside, Carl Dunn, Rob Ben, Martin Sorrondeguy, Jenna Robinson, Kelly Nicholson, Adam Wallacavage, Chris Duncan, Erika Borboa, Alex Lukas, Michael Bartalos, Ben Woodward, Isaac Lin, Max Lawrence, Chris Shary, Damian Abraham, Chris Stain, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Chris Kline, Derek Weisberg, John Freeborn, Bill McRight, Asa Osborne & maybe a few others?

also of note is:
Special music guests, Zomes (asa from Lungfish) Koen Holtcamp (from Mountians) Tim Kerr (from Big Boys, and all the bands that i dont have room to list.) and Rich might play too… that night!

04.28 2010

Dwayne Boone Closing Party Friday

We are celebrating the closing of Dwayne Boone’s Art Gallery with the artist on Friday, April 30 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. This is the final opportunity to see the gritty and magical work of this prolific Philadelphia artist.

Dwayne Boone’s Art Gallery
Closing Reception: Friday, April 30th, 5:30 – 7:30 PM
Space 1026
1026 Arch St. 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

You can also view images of the installation here.

04.05 2010

Dwayne Boooone!

With more work than we could fit on the walls, a mural, sculpture, and 2 zines, Dwayne Boone is prolific to say the least. This guy will easily have enough to fill a museum in a few years.

Pieces are priced between $20-$40 so you can’t lose. Assemble your own series and become an instant art collector.

For those with a tiny budget, zines are going for $2, so something for everyone.

If you do stop by be sure to look in the flat files to see what couldn’t fit on the walls!

03.31 2010

Visionary Artist Paints a Different Kind of Philadelphia

Artist Dwayne Boone of Philadelphia Developmental Disabilities Corporation (PDDC) will be having his first solo exhibition at Space 1026 Gallery this April. A prolific painter, Boone will be showing over 150 portraits, landscapes, wildlife paintings, and several sculptural works, all created within the last year. Boone will also be creating a large, site-specific mural in the gallery space. Boone, who was recently featured on Channel 6 news uses his paintings to create a world both gritty and magical – and his work emerges as distinctly Philadelphian.

Dwayne Boone’s artistic talent has been recognized by many in the disabilities field, but this is the first exhibition for Boone that is strictly based on the quality of his artistic style and vision. Boone’s fresh, folk art style and love of topical subjects, makes for a perfect match for the Space 1026 gallery. Please join us on First Friday, April 2nd from 6-10pm, for the reception and to meet the artist.

Dwayne Boone’s Art Gallery
April 2nd – 30th
Reception: First Friday, April 2nd, 6 – 10 pm
Space 1026
1026 Arch Street, 2nd Floor (only accessible by stairs)
Philadelphia, PA 19107

To see some of Dwayne’s recent paintings, click here.
For more information:
Please contact Kay Healy at
or 215-574-7630.

03.30 2010

Today Is Our Day out now.

The latest book from Space 1026 is now available.
32 hand-printed pages made right here in Philadelphia.
Featuring brand new work by Michael Gerkovich, Bonnie Brenda Scott, Matt Leines, Alex Lukas, Bill McRight, Crystal Stokowski, Jacob Marcinek, Ben Woodward, Anni Altshur, Leah Mackin, Emilia Brintnall, James Ulmer, Kay Healy, Roman Hasiuk, Justin Myer-Staller, Clint Woodside, Kyle Schmidt, Thom Lessner, Chris Kline, Jason Hsu and Andrew Jeffrey Wright.
Available from Store 1026.
And some more images HERE.

03.22 2010

Silk Flowers, Infinite Body, Earn, Form A Log at Space 1026

Silk Flowers, Infinite Body, Earn, Form A Log at Space 1026

March 31st, 2010
8:00pm, $7
Space 1026
1026 Arch St. 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107