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12.12 2013

BRIGHT NIGHTS Photo Book Presentation by Tod Seelie

Tod Seelie - Bright Nights
Come out to see Tod’s amazing work and new book, he will be giving a presentation of his photographs from the past 15 years!

Thursday, December 12th – 6:00p

BRIGHT NIGHTS: Photographs of Another New York
By Tod Seelie
Published by Prestel Publishing

Tod Seelie loves New York, but not the version depicted in postcards. His city is an underground haven for people at society’s edges, people who come alive at night, who make music and art and noise and mess. This startlingly beautiful collection of images captures a gritty culture that belies the city’s glamorous persona. Here are punk bands and bike parties, abandoned spaces and skeezy clubs, junk-filled lots and sketchy streets. Interspersed throughout the book are texts from Seelie’s friends and fellow artists, along with an introduction by Jeff Stark, editor of the iconic alternative events e-mail list Nonsense NYC. The photographs in the book create a love poem to the city that not only doesn’t sleep—it cavorts around at 3:00 am looking for the next adventure.

With contributions by:
Caledonia Curry (Swoon)
Colin Moynihan (New York Times)
Evan Pricco (Juxtapoz)
Benjamin Shapiro (VICE)
Carlo McCormick (Paper Magazine)
Ian Vanek (Japanther)
Conrad Carlson (Black Label Bicycle Club)
Carolina Miranda (ArtNews)
Joe Ahearn (Clocktower Gallery/Showpaper)
Jeff Stark (Nonsense NYC)
Sto Len (Cinders Gallery)

Also keep a look out for one of his photo prints that will be available in our annual art auction:

12.10 2013


Join The New Dreamz for an evening of new performances and videos you can’t see on the internet!!!
Let us non-internet you!

Doors 7:30
Performance 8 – 9

Space 1026
1026 Arch St.
2nd fl.


While you are at our show remember all the art on the walls will be auctioned off on Friday night at the Space 1026 Annual Art Auction!


12.08 2013


The music event for tonight has been cancelled due to bad luck and heavy snow.


12.07 2013

Cars Will Burn “Cheers”


♫ Slick ♫
♫ Big Enough ♫
♫ Pour It ♫
♫ Think The Same ♫
♫ Freaks ♫
♫ Ball ♫

12.06 2013


Come by the Space tonight to see what we have in store for you all next week at our annual art auction. Tonight, December, 6th, is preview night!

Event is from 7-10 PM

1026 Arch St, 2nd Fl

Be there…


12.04 2013

Funny Talking and Music

“not a noise show”
“not to be missed”
“not something that you know what it is”

Coincidental Hour… “funny” man Ric Royer confuses laughter from unwitting idiots. not to be trusted.
Check Him Out HERE!

Ambergris… Cartooning visionary behind “1-800-MICE” Matthew Thurber presents his style of music. possible saxophone
Check Him Out HERE!

Andrew Jeffery Wright… local fave DIY artistl “AJW” will probably tell you something gross about his life. guaranteed hilarious.
Check Him Out HERE!

“not a noise show”
“not to be missed”
“not something that you know what it is”

The Vat, 1822 N Hancock #3, Philadelphia!
Thursday, December 9pm

$100 prize


Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 3.08.14 AM

12.02 2013


A great new video by Peter Glantz, Becky Stark, Kevin Hooyman, Heather Porcaro & Kenneth Onulak!


12.01 2013



Westov Temple mix recorded for the Nov. 26, 2013 edition of Knee Deep on NTS Radio. All music is from Philly musicians/producers, much of it released or forthcoming on Philly labels, or unreleased.

Track List:::
Bunnies & Bats – Little Colored Blocks – Little Colored Blocks EP [Anticipate Recordings]
King Britt – Allogamy Sonics – The Bee & The Stamen [Data Garden]
Charles Cohen – The Middle Distance – The Middle Distance [Morphine Records]
_moonraker – Moonbased feat. Ebony Ampere – Remota Instruere [Great Circles]
Westov Temple – Messiah Drugs – Messiah Drugs [Great Circles]
ultraesthetic – Heliosheath – Voyager I Sonic Captures [forthcoming Vague Audio Tapes]
Max Groff – Behaive [unreleased]
Cars Will Burn – Alive [Jewish Noise]
Chaperone – Get Ghost – p o n d [forthcoming Crisis Urbana]
Dentana – Slowwhy [forthcoming Great Circles]
Ricart/Millevoi Quartet – Coqueternions – Haitian Rail [Gaffer Records/New Atlantis Records]
Zevious – Inciting – Zevious [Zevious]
Drums Like Machine Guns – 5 – Splt 12” w/ Mincemeat or Tenspeed [Badmaster Records]
Jason Hsu – Icky Ricky [extended version] [unreleased]
Heller Wahn – Attempting To Escape Personal Crises [forthcoming Vague Audio Tapes]
Dave Smolen – Stitchglide – Dave Smolen // Hair_loss Split LP [_bruxist]
Bee Mask – Fried Nightshades – When We Were Eating Unripe Pears [Editions Mego]
Achievement – Pumble [unreleased]
Ditchdigger – Wizard – Wizard [unreleased]
Joe Lentini – Frinse – Vigilata [Schematic]
Cars Will Burn – Yeezus [Jewish Noise]
Wolf Dem – Bad Gyal Bounce feat. Mr. Lexx – Fortune EP [Custom Lifestyle]
Mincemeat or Tenspeed – Iron Void Victory Lap [unreleased]
Electric Simcha – Rachomono – Electric Simcha [self-released]
Metasplice – Concrode – Infratracts [Morphine Records]
M/R – Panthers-1 [forthcoming Great Circles]
RJ Valeo with Justin Gibbon and Justin Michael Miller – Hallway to Dawn – The Philadelphia Recordings [Digitalis Ltd.]
Tony G – Tous la Part le Meme Sort – Tous la Part le Meme Sort [Great Circles]
Radere – A Pouring Out Of Sleep – A Pouring Out Of Sleep [basic_sounds]
Dan Trevitt – Analogous – The Missing [forthcoming Great Circles]
Tickley Feather – The Bone Hits It With a Drumstick And Then Your Skin Has A Switch – S/t [Badmaster Records]

11.29 2013

Space 1026 would like to present our auctioneer, Todd Kimmell, AKA That Toddly man!

As he has for damned near every year since we’ve had our auction, Philadelphia’s perennial gentleman of the arts Todd Kimmell joins us again, back from the dead and bigger than ever, as our auctioneer.  Our big lunged friend is not the least bit shy about squeezing every possible penny out of every lot for the benefit of Space 1026, and doing it with a goddam big grin.  Feel free to see some of his work on line…


11.11 2013



DEATH COULD BE YOUR GOLDEN BOY an event, hosted by Michael Gerkovich, in conjunction with the Afterlife exhibition.

AUX at Vox Populi

Saturday, November 16, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 pm

A PowerPoint presentation featuring the usual cast of characters, namely Michael Gerkovich himself, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Jason Hsu, Malwina Andruczyk, Billy Fatzinger, Scott Gelber, Abbey Sarver, Lindsey Baker, Sean Hamilton, etc. The Pitch: Together presenters will explore the mysteries of “THE BIG SLEEP” and they have promised not to kill you. This will be an attempt to break the stigma against people who look too far into the abyss. Maybe Death is your dream date or your social worker or your therapist or your best bud or your secret admirer or your internet stalker or your golden boy and you didn’t even consider it??  We do not disappoint.