02.04 2016

Eland Ward // A series of rather large drawings

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February 5th- February 25th

01.29 2016



01.22 2016

Memory Potluck Postponed!!!


12.12 2015

Off the Blanket Sale













Prints! Zines! Books! Tshirts! Buttons! Calendars! Cards! Old Stuff! New Stuff!

From members of Space 1026 and Friends

Saturday December 19th, 2015

Noon to 6pm

1026 Arch Street 2nd Floor Philadelphia


12.12 2015



Proto and Process: History Truck Mid-Cycle in Chinatown/North
Opening Friday, January 8, 2016
5 p.m.-8 p.m.

This January, join the Philadelphia Public History Truck for a midyear exhibition revealing the process behind this mobile museum’s community-engaged curatorial approach. Since August, History Truck’s team has been collaborating with community members in Chinatown North to develop a mobile exhibition launching in June 2016 about neighborhood notions of home and the history of homelessness. During the Fall, Truck curator Erin Bernard led a class of Spark-Fuel-Ignite graduate students from the University of the Arts, String Theory Charter School, Science Leadership Academy at Beeber, and Hallahan Catholic School for Girls in design thinking and on the ground creative work at Asian Arts Initiative and the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission. During January, the Truck extends its conversation to Chinatown stakeholders through a Memory Potluck in collaboration with Space 1026 and the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation on Saturday, January 23rd at 6 p.m. Contribute and build with us as we ready ourselves for the research and fabrication!

11.15 2015

2015 Space 1026 Art Auction

Auction Friday December 11th
7PM Doors Open at 6pm

First Friday Preview
December 4th, 7-10pm

10.09 2015


10.01 2015



Pairing master printer with artists, the Philagrafika portfolio demonstrates all that is wonderful about the collaborative work ethic of Printmaking. Rarely seen together, this selection of prints dates from the first portfolio to its last.

08.27 2015

NEW AND RECENT WORK Jacob Van Loon and Daniel Danger




Opening Reception First Friday, September 4 from 7-10pm.

08.20 2015

“…the better to hold you with, my dear…” New work by Lisa Conn

"...the better to hold you with, my dear..."

August 2015 at Space 1026

“…the better to hold you with, my dear…”

new paintings and installation by Lisa Conn

“I once read that wood can handle pain that people cannot. The old medicine men used it as a method of healing. I believe there to be much truth in myth and this exhibition develops my idea of “tree saint girls” as represented in my most recent work. Einstein’s “Spooky Theory”, at its most surface level, states that when two particles are joined and later become separated by a spacial distance, should one undergo a change, the other will “feel” it at almost the exact time. Immediately I see possibility and magic within this thought; and it has the opportunity to take on a mythological presence. I’ve made a series of relief style paintings that cross the threshold into installation, heavily influenced by the magic I find within this theory, exploring it in terms of relationships between my created characters/ creatures and the relationship between said characters and their former selves, imagining an organism dividing into another separate being within the crossroads of a choice. One possibility of the theory’s connection to martyrdom plays into the idea that when a being suffers, perhaps somewhere else in the universe there is another being that

feels that pain with equal force. This theory is a catalyst to inform stories and personalities within each of the saint girls that I’ve created. With this installation I hope to inspire awe and reverence, and at the very least, a moment of escape from personal reality.”
- Lisa Conn