04.16 2015

BUILD US A PATH new work by Clint Woodside





03.23 2015

Maze Generation: New Works by Ryan Beck at Space 1026

April 3rd -25th

Maze Generation


Ryan Beck, Maze Generation

Exhibition Dates: April 3rd – April 25th

Space 1026 is pleased to present Maze Generation, a solo exhibition of new work by Ryan Beck. Maze Generation is a body of work which represents several months of exploration into the term “maze generation” and ways that it could be applied to Beck’s process. The term first came into his view after seeing a documentary about Stanley Kubrick’s “The  Shining”. He was intrigued by the descriptions of maze patterns in the film and shortly after, the surrounding concepts and theories of maze generation began relating to the way he approached his work. The paintings in Maze Generation are the result of allowing those theories and various interpretations of the term to lead him through a re-evaluation of his process, application and approach to color. His work frequently pairs muted and watery tones with defined marks and vibrant colors-pairing quiet, ephemeral moments with frenetic activity. Ryan Beck is a Philadelphia based artist who has shown in Philadelphia, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.



09.16 2014


10614250_856736774338519_2176376138743898786_n.jpg?oh=9beca6497e5e55dfb390ae8421c68b24&oe=549659D8&__gda__=1418127750_44a05a3dd4bfb3bd51f2a47d54020713A NIGHT OF LITERARY WONDER!
Saturday September 20th / Space 1026 / 1026 Arch Street 2nd Floor / 7pm / $5

Readings by:

Remarkably adequate stories that the reader is conditionally guaranteed to find, at least, satisfactory!

Vocalist for the bands Freshkills and Publicist UK. Author of ‘Please Take Me Off The Guest List’

Member of Nuclear Power Pants and Wham City. Author of ‘Ant Killer & Other Poems’ and ‘We’

Vocalist/lyricist for Arab On Radar, Chinese Stars and Doomsday Student. Author of ‘I Offered Myself As The Sea’, ‘Love In The Monkey Cage’ & ‘My Parents’ Were Insects’

Performances by:

Presenting ‘Fecund Blessings’, a silent film featuring a live musical score by Ladybird Johnson
AND . . .
The wind howls a tune that is quite frightening. Autumn is the time of rust. And so it is that Evil Sword returns to us!


03.17 2014


poster by Josh Bayer

poster by Josh Bayer

On July 6th 2012 at Synchronicity in Los Angeles, CA a group show featuring 15 of the weirdest, wildest, and most powerful subterranean comix artists exploded into peoples faces with a visceral splat! There were some injuries and one spontaneous combustion, but overall it was a good nite.
The show was called FREAK SCENE.

Its been almost 2 years but you can’t keep good Freaks down…
Now, this spring, the FREAKS are back!
and this time with a few new friends along for the trip.

the new freak champions of underground comix

featuring works by:
Johnny Ryan (Prison Pit/Angry Youth Comix/Penis WAR)
Benjamin Marra (Night Buisness/Gansta Rap Posse/Traditional Comics)
Matthew Thurber (1-800-MICE/INFOMANIACS)
Pakito Bolino (Le DernierCri/Pixel Junk Destuctoid)
Jim Rugg (Supermag/Afrodisiac/Street Angel)
Matt Furie (Boys Club/The Night Riders)
Victor “BALD EAGLES” Cayro (Bittersweet Romance/Rub the Blood)
Jason T Miles (Pines/Profanity Hill/Love Wins)
Tom Neely (Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever/The HUMANS/The Wolf)
Josh Bayer (RAW POWER/Suspect Device/ROM)
Pat Aulisio (Bowman/XenoKaiju/Yeah Dude Comics)
Mickey Z. (RAV/Sagari)
Derek M Ballard (Cartoonshow/Root Rot)
Max Clotfelter (Andros/Buster/INTRUDER)
Lale Westvind (Hot Dog Beach/Express Less/Hyperspeed To Nowhere)
Shalo P (Cosmic Bummer Funnies/Death Trip/)
Darin Shuler (Castle&Wood/INTRUDER)
Anya Davidson (School Spirits/Barbarian Bitch)
Tom Toye (Illogical Comics/Dimensions)
Peter Gray Hurley (House/Death Trip/Happy)
Keenan Marshall Keller (Galactic Breakdown/Drippy Bone Books)


Graphic spewings of beauty and weirdness undulating thru your eyes and into your reptile brain, forcing a miniature breakdown in your DNA, allowing you to enjoy yourself in a primal state…

An overwhelming wave of 2 dimensional power forged 
thru vibrating formations of paper, pencil and ink, opening portals to dimensions of refined crudeness, painstakingly achieved renderings of id, the grotesque twistings of body, form and flesh, and reality-less vacuums of violence, absurdity and joy!

an explosion of original art, prints and comics from 21 of the biggest Freaks in comics today.

Enter this den of FREAKS… and let your brains go…
Come out to the opening nite party.
See some cool shit and hang with some Freaks.


poster by Lale Westvind



03.02 2014

Art ‘N’ Skate Zone at Space 1026

March 7th through March 28th 2014

art n skate front


An Installation by Dan Haddigan, Bradford Haubrich & Eric Kenny.

March 7th – March 28th, 2014

First Friday opening reception 7-10pm at Space 1026

After Party at Tango Noodle Bar


We are artists and we are skateboarders and we are building a ramp at the Space 1026. The ramp will be cool. we have a skate crew and we are called the Long Ass Grind Boys and sometimes we get a little wild. We are committed to bringing skateboard excellence to the Space 1026. We solemnly swear to bring the choicest techniques, and as such will host a fully-functional event of ‘skate-of-the-art’ proportions. We are sure that nothing will get messed up in any way.




01.31 2014

Crimson Landslide at Space 1026



Crimson Landslide // Erin M Riley

Opening Reception: First Friday February 7th 7-10pm

February 7th -21st, 2014 at Space 1026

Space 1026 is pleased to present Crimson Landslide, a solo exhibition by Erin M Riley of wool and cotton pieces based on the objects and ephemera of our daily lives. While widely known for her pieces depicting nude or scantily clad young women, her objects series is rarely shown as a collection. Exhibiting these pieces side by side allows the work to generate an underlying narrative. So much of one’s interactions are littered with tools, notions, toiletries, covered in text instructions, ingredients, many with salacious implications if found. Erin depicts the implements of drug use, as well as and detritus of female identity, beauty regimens, condoms, birth control pills, plan B packs, etc. These objects are presented on a simple background woven by hand in high detail, highlighting the complexities of small and sometimes meaningless things. Her work is based off of found photographs culled from the internet as well as images she has collected from her own life as a way to allow a view into the most common of private habits. These pieces allow the audience to see objects and ephemera from the point of view of many young men and women at this specific time in their lives.

Erin M Riley is a Brooklyn, NY based artist. She received her MFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA and her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her work is published in the February 2014 issue of Juxtapoz magazine, the Annual 2013 by It’s Nice That, and will be in the forthcoming #110 Northeast issue of New American Painting. Her work has been exhibited internationally and nationally, and she has been an artist in residence at the MacDowell Colony, Vermont Studio Center as well Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.

For more information about Erin’s work please visit www.erinmriley.com

10.03 2013

~WET DREAMS~ crystal stokowski and michael persico october 4th-26th 2013


Wet Dreams featuring Crystal Stokowski and Michael Persico at SPACE 1026


 Opening Reception Friday, October 4, 2013, 6pm-10pm


Wet dreams is a mixed media installation by Crystal Stokowski and Michael Persico involving quilting, screen printing, photography, video installation, woodworking and pyrography.  The show is inspired by deep sea celestial voyaging, surfing, and the mysticism surrounding the ocean. The pair of artists are great friends who share a passion for the surf. Although they both currently live in the city they take every opportunity they can to get salty, often times adventuring to find waves together.

In this show Crystal Stokowski gives her layered psychedelic twist to work that is inspired by her surf travels to Australia, New Zealand, and her part time residence in Oahu, Hawaii. She has also volunteered for the Polynesian Voyaging Society, which has influenced her work and given her a deeper appreciation for the sea, surf and sailing. Crystal currently has a show at Benna’s cafe in Philadelphia, until the 10th of October. Next she’s headed to New York for a month long residency starting October 28th at the Clocktower Gallery.


Michael Persico is a Philadelphia based photographer with a self-proclaimed obsession for surf. Although it’s difficult living in the city with his desire to be one with the waves, he wouldn’t have it any other way. The feeling of being in the ocean and surf informs his everyday life and that same feeling is meant to come across in the work.
As a hobby Michael makes hand planes which are a fine tool for any body surfer. In the show you can see his beautiful detail to these woodworks and a collaboration video the two artists bring forward.


09.11 2013

ACID RAIN – “ACID REFLUX” [2008-2013]

September 25, 2013 - 8pm

ACID REFLUX [2008-2013]
Space 1026 Gallery / September 25, 2013 / 8pm
followed with musical performances by Unguent and Embarker
A 90 minute screening of film and video work by artists and filmmakers that have
exhibited on Acid Rain, a cable access series in NYC, and elsewhere, dedicated to
distributing art and ideas through preexisting media infrastructures.

Participating artists:

Amanda Barr, Neno Belchev, Jacob Ciocci, Olivia Ciummo, David Colagiovanni,
Josh Collins, Jerstin Crosby, Kolbeinn Hugi Hoskuldsson, Jesse Hulcher, Thad Kellstadt,
Erica Magrey, Jesse McLean, Shana Moulton, Michael Robinson, Ben Russell, and Matt Wellins.


Jerstin Crosby (born 1979, USA) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  His broad approach to art includes projects such as a  rave cave bumping techno from a realistic slice of vegan pizza, a ‘goth’ fan-art episode of Seinfeld, 3-D printed ‘folk art’ pottery, and a musical score composed of blood alcohol levels.  His work has been exhibited internationally at Cell Projects in London, the 9th Shanghai Biennial in China, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Exit Art in New York, the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, La Galería de Comercio in Mexico City, and Kallio Kunsthalle Taidehalli in Helskinki.  He received an MFA from the University of North Carolina, and is the Founder of Acid Rain.
Unguent: http://refulgentsepulchre.tumblr.com/
Embarker: http://embarker.bandcamp.com/

Fall Tour 2013 from Acid Rain Production on Vimeo.

07.17 2013

Leslie Friedman – Tastier


7.5.13 – 7.26.13

07.01 2013

Andrew Liang – Double Barrel

June 7th – 28th, 2013


Space 1026 is pleased to present Double Barrel by Andrew Liang.

“There are two nostrils on mostly every human being’s face.  Under normal circumstances, both nostrils in-take and out-put air.  These works are my most recent endeavor to celebrate my ability and opportunity to utilize my nostrils.  If one of them has itched, both have been picked. Double Barrel!”

Andrew Liang was born in Taichung, Taiwan and moved with his family to Dallas, Texas at age 13. Andrew moved to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art where he currently works as an Exhibitions Preparator and continues his studio practice during moonlight hours. The writings and drawings of Kazuo Umezu, Junji Ito, Haruki Murakami, and Akira Toriyama have influenced him a great deal. Aside from studio pursuits, Andrew co-directs an artist run art space, the Current Gallery, with his dear friends Monique Crabb and Michael Benevento. These collective projects, as well as traveling and listening to music with his friends is the core inspiration of his art.