07.08 2015




JULY 10-31, 2015

JULY 10, 2015

Mat Tonelli and James John Small, both dealing in constructs of moments and the sublime, find new ways to push paint in directions that follow the footsteps of Abstract Expressionists, as well as drawing elements from those considered New European.  The two have many dissimilarities in their process and inspiration, but their work somehow intersects at a point, which led them to collaborate not only in a joint show, but in the execution of works of art as well.  If you wanted to label these works, you could call it landscape painting; a spontaneous, organic and fitting subject matter they showcase in X CROSS.

The plane we see into on the surface is a moment of tranquility and chaos, a meditation of the awe of man in the natural world. The beauty of landscape, a base for subject matter is the reflection of what is relative to a certain individual.

While Tonelli uses form, color and shape to influence the creation of a scene, Small uses images, whether it be his own or a historical documentation, to direct the flow of his work. Often starting using washes and drips of paint, Tonelli allows the medium to dictate action from the beginning and mechanically fills space with patterns, a perfect counterpart for the tedious carving that Small employs.  The two intersect at a point where they are bound to nothing but the aesthetic.

06.25 2015


a night of stand-up, short plays, video, music, dance and whatever!

Hosted by Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright!

Featuring Body Dreamz, Amber Nelson, Joe Rumrill, Jessica Delfino, Greg Barris, Mary Houlihan, Murderfist and more!

Videos by The New Dreamz!

With DJs Emilio Airhorn and Kurt Life!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

doors 8pm / comedy 8:30 – 10:00 / dance party 10:01 – Midnight


Secret Project Robot
389 Melrose St.


Join The Facebook Event Page HERE!CDZJune2015-1000WEB

06.23 2015

Cars Will Burn – Tops Off ((( ♫ Mix ♫ )))


New mix featuring…

Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Hoodboi, DJ John Brooklyn, Fadsunshine, Gucci Mane, Mark Lord, Polo, Top$, Container, Spinee, Alfred English, and more…

Cars Will Burn – Tops Off ((( ♫ Mix ♫ )))

05.18 2015

Cars Will Burn – Hairdown ((( ♫ Mix ♫ )))


New mix featuring…

Y2K, Foliedouce, Margaret Antwood, Carnage, Pulse Emitter, Kendrick Lamar, Wilted Women, Empt, NooBap, and more….

Cars Will Burn – Hairdown ((( ♫ Mix ♫ )))

05.13 2015

One For The Road!!!



Open City
A new band from Dan Yemin, Andy Nelson, Rachel Rubino and Chris Wilson.
check them out on all your social media platforms:

R5 is helping with this one… so get tickets here: http://ticketf.ly/1EDCt9M

you can also tell your friends you are going on facebook… people do that… right??

05.13 2015

Heart Harbor Fundraiser this Sunday!


05.13 2015

Iris in Philly @ The Ritz !!!





05.11 2015

No Fear new work by Andrew Nigon and Carmen Tiffany

No Fear


Space 1026 is kicking off summer with a new exhibition featuring the work of Andrew Nigon and Carmen Tiffany visiting artists from Miami, FL.

No Fear comprises of sculpture, video and prints that are inspiration for punching onward, even in moments of ambivalence.

Inspired by historic fratricidal narratives, Andrew Nigon has created antiheroic wrestlers that fragment their aggression with a reckless assemblage. Plastic body parts made from casts of Nigon’s own body are displayed solely to subvert the figures unbridled malice.

Carmen Tiffany’s puppet play video narrates young characters that might be bullied by Nigon’s fighting brothers. The troupe travels together in a play like adventure on the way to their grown up future. Fulfilling a cycle of destitution the characters accept their fate with a naivety that is both sullen and joyful.

Works grasp tightly as they dangle from the bottom of the social ladder, but as primal behaviors are forced out of a survivalist’s instinct they face a state of a menial existence with abrasive tendencies.

04.30 2015

14 Questions for Clint Woodside

2.  What were your first connections to Space 1026?  How did you decide to join the space and become a member?


What’s crazy is… the first time I was ever at Space 1026 was while I was on tour… a band I was with was playing across the street, at the Troc. It was a hardcore band, and a bunch of people kept talking about how Ian MacKaye was over at this art gallery across the street… I was living in NYC at the time and heard rumblings about this gallery in philly that does a lot of shows like Alleged Gallery (that I was going to a bunch, and always had fun…) I put 2 and 2 together and figured out is was ACTUALLY Cynthia Connolly’s show over there, and I knew Cynthia from sending Dischord Records photos for the website they were building in the late 90’s… so I wanted to go over and say hi… and that was the first time I was ever in Space 1026… I still have the poster on my wall from that night… March 3rd, 2000.


I didn’t move to philly till late 2002… and even then it took a year or 2 before I knew anyone involved in Space 1026… I was actually hired by a design firm called Abacus run by Jeff Weisner (a former member of 1026, I think a founding member?). I freelanced for them for a while, and when that studio moved out of Space 1026, I decided to stay put, and freelance for a bunch of different things and work on my own stuff.

Read the full Interview HERE!

04.25 2015


THIS Sunday!! April 26th
@Space 1026
1026 Arch Street 2nd floor