10.10 2005

Black Label Bike Club

bike kill t.y.l.u.

10.06 2005


I had a dream I met you in soho–in the middle of the street-prince and soho–you met me and were wearing this white weird white thing( look at the drawing….it had written on it:Rochester, NYC-1986

10.06 2005

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A Photographic ExplorationCurated by Alicia McDole and Yasha WallinPresented by Jen Bekman Gallery

Opening: Saturday, October 15th, 2005 7:00

10.05 2005

Mike Flemming


10.02 2005


Our next opening is on FRIDAY. More info is available here

09.28 2005



09.26 2005

Keep A Breast

October 8th at the Stay Gold Gallery in Brooklyn NY. Keep A Breast is an organization that organzies art events to raise breast cancer awareness.

09.23 2005


hey liz i hope you get this. i’m on acoustic folktour, playing in rittenhouse square 9pm tonight.sharp! on tour with these guys: twopercentmajesty.com.it’s gonna be nice, right int he middle of the square.hope to see your shining face there!

09.22 2005

Thanks Roberta and Libby

i wanted to thank roberta fallon and libby rosof for taking the time to come through and review my show at vox. you can peep both reviews at artblog and you can see roberta’s review in the philly weekly this week or look at it online at philly weekly

09.22 2005

don’t sweat it

max – if that guy’s opinion meant much of anything to anybody, it wouldn’t be on a blog. no one will even take the time to critique his review cos it isn’t worth it (for starters, his writing “skills” are atrocious). just roll your eyes and move on. you know the saying “those who can’t, teach.” (not to imply this about all teachers, but I do feel that some people see this as an alternative when they’re not finding success in their own field) In this case, the guy writes. when is his next solo show?