09.03 2005

‘No Parachute’ Screening

Sunday, September 4th, 20058pm in the galleryFREE entry! FREE popcorn!
A screening of ‘No Parachute‘, a DVD compliation of indie music videos curated by Jayme Guokas. (Snow Fairies/Men in Fur/Last Wave) Out now on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.
DVD features new videos from favorites like: the Hidden Cameras, Architecture in Helsinki, Of Montreal, Kimya Dawson, the Clientele, Trembling Blue Stars, My Favorite, Palomar, Boyracer…and tons more!

09.02 2005

New Orleans Mayor Nagin

Have a listen to this interview with New Orleans Mayor Nagin.. We can’t even remotley fathom what is going on down there. Please help out if you can. Thanks to Rick V. for the link.

09.01 2005

thanks dudes.

check this out on wooster collective. i’m so stoked right now.

08.31 2005


human five likes us, and we like them.

more art updates soon.

08.29 2005

Max Lawrence

just a few pieces of max’s art has been added to the 1026 site. Check out maxlawrence.com for more.

Look for more art updates soon.

08.29 2005

Thom Lessner

artwork now available online. link it up bitches.

08.29 2005

This Spartan Life

People made a talk show inside a multi-player video game on the internets. Look.

08.25 2005

black floor art market

i don’t know if any 1026ers are taking part in the Black Floor Art Market, which takes place next saturday september 3rd

08.24 2005

what about that awesome wheat stalk he painted over your green blob at the The P4 … you dont have any pics of that??

08.24 2005

New art.

i added some of jake henry’s art to the site. …more art updates soon.