05.27 2005

Tonight @ JINXED!

Rock Poster show Featuring:
Stickup Printing
Outlaw Print Co
Lure Designs(florida)
Large Mammal
Dave P
and Awesome Dudes…

05.26 2005

The Dirty Projectors Tour

MAY 28 Philadelphia @ Manhattan Room www.themanhattanroom.com

05.24 2005


Bringing the heat.www.megawordsmagazine.com

05.24 2005

cum in the streets

cum inside
thanks to sean for the link.

05.24 2005

Pew Fellowship in the Arts newsletter

If you can find one – the PEW issue 5 Spring/Summer 2005 did a great issue on the art scene in Philadelphia – the article Jeff wrote about Space 1026 is in it too…its not up on the website yet, but here’s the address…http://www.pewarts.org/newsletter.html

05.23 2005

SAC Issue 3

Did you ever see Issue 3 of SAC? This is what it looked like.apparently my friend whitney was stopped in Austin texas by some girl that overheard her name: “Are you the Whitney Lee from the sourcebook of american chatter?” honest.j

05.23 2005


We’re collecting material for the next sourcebook of chatter. Issue three was conversations and issue four is going to be “Lies” you all have lies to tell me about so tell me about them and send them to me NOW NOW NOW.Ben Woodward is going to do pictures for issue 4 – that means its going to be beautiful and all you glory whores should jump on ben’s bandwagon before its too late and he’s so famous that he doesn’t even have time to remember your name.deadline is sooner than you think.love jesse

05.22 2005

Roberta Fallon

Art Blogged us in regards to the awesome Paper Rad show that’s been up all month. You should come through and check it out before it disappears.

05.22 2005


Did you see what Amani is up too?

05.22 2005

for you’s all in LA:**Seems Familiar**

Edith Abeyta is collecting clothing again! Any clothes, any color, any style. She can pick them up before June 30 or you can deliver your donation during the exhibition July 9 – August 6 to: > Acorn Gallery> 135 N. Avenue 50> Los Angeles, CA 90042> (323) 850-8566> info@arroyoartscollective.org> gallery hours: Thur. 6-9 pm > Sat. & Sun. 12-4 pm> > > Seems Familiar> Edith Abeyta and Betsy Lohrer Hall> July 9 ? August 6, 2005> Opening reception: Saturday, July 9, 7-10 pm