06.08 2005


you’re emails have been getting bounced back to me! hit me up so i can set you up! thanks.

06.06 2005


first: check out max’s site. more art will be added both on this site, and on his site soon.

second: i fixed a few bugs in the space site. you guys should be good to go for adding pictures again. sorry bout that.

06.03 2005

the filesize might be too large…

…or the code could be f-ed up. probably the latter of the two. i’ll try to fix it asap. sorry to everyone who is getting broken links on their pages.

06.03 2005

and this

06.03 2005

i cant change my profile photo

and it makes me feel like this

06.02 2005

Fork in the Road

Ben Woodward, Max Lawrence, Matt Haber, Mars-1 Fork in the RoadJonathan Levine Gallery Jun 4 thru Jul 2, 2005Opening reception – Saturday, June 4th, 6pm-9pm

06.02 2005


the final stuff is in and installing has begun… this is going to RULE!!!

05.29 2005

The new RKelly song is………..

05.27 2005

Tonight @ JINXED!

Rock Poster show Featuring:
Stickup Printing
Outlaw Print Co
Lure Designs(florida)
Large Mammal
Dave P
and Awesome Dudes…

05.26 2005

The Dirty Projectors Tour

MAY 28 Philadelphia @ Manhattan Room www.themanhattanroom.com