06.22 2005


how can we get all the group pictures from that day… they turned out great!!! we could use them for future crap.

06.22 2005

and you can read about us too.

click right here!

06.21 2005

we’re fucking famous

06.17 2005

space is the place.

06.17 2005

Coney Island Sign Painting

“Since last summer, when the project began in earnest, Mr. Powers and Creative Time, the nonprofit arts group, have signed up dozens of artists with gallery credentials and international followings to paint signs for businesses and arcades.”
You’ll need to create an id to read the full article in the Times.

Go see them during the Siren Festival.

06.16 2005

8pm Monday Night @ SPACE 1026

Skate Videos on a big screen! Come out if you like skateboarding, and the following day here in Philadelphia get wild

06.16 2005

This pic is from one of the best days of my life

Dan the Swede, Josh OS and I drove to deep Deleware to borrow a baby blue beat up pervert van. Dan the Swede epoxy glued his glasses lens to his sunglasses so he could drive. We drove all over Philadelphia county filling up the van with borrowed shopping carts from various grocery depot’s. Here we are with one van load. Here is what we did with them…((((((((((({{o0o}}))))))))))))

06.13 2005

The Family Guy has a posse.

Andre the Giant spotted on an episode of the Family Guy. thanks to wooster.

06.09 2005


where are you rosemary?

06.08 2005

bet you didnt know…