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12.16 2007

Christmas time is here…

Happy holidays, 1026ers and friends.This year is not going to be commercialized.-Meg

10.20 2006

Gilbert Building Farewell

As some of you may know the tenants of the Gilbert Building on 13th and Cherry Streets are forced to move due to expansion of the Convention Center

Come say ‘good bye’ to our friends this weekend

Celebrations on Friday, October 20, 2006

08.30 2006

1st Fri. show in Olde City

Kris Chau
Honeymilk Gallery at Vagabond
37 N. 3rd
the usual 1st Friday gallery schedule..

. . . just go check it out

08.06 2006

Congratulations Clint&Maren!

Love is in the Air. . .just saying

08.06 2006

more 1026 @ Magic-Pony photos

More Photos from the Install at Magic Pony
another flickr page

07.09 2006

. . .9 months later

“A Purge of Dissidents”

music: HAZE XXL
artwork: Dalek
animation: Jesse Olanday

. . .look for the Hard back book / DVD / CD package this fall

awww gyeah.

07.07 2006

Chau’s Show

Kris Chau

a show of B/W drawings and some color
The Padlock Gallery
Opening reception:
Saturday, July 8th, 8-late
1409 Ellsworth St. Phila, PA

05.17 2006

Free Tony and John [update]

also check out these links and repost

young philly politics dot com


05.02 2006


blind “exquisite corpse” drawing collaborations betweenartists inside and outside of prison walls

opening reception:

SATURDAY May 6th8:00pm to 12:00am@ The Padlock Gallery1409 Ellsworth

Exquisite Corpse is a drawing game in which two artists collaborate on a drawing of a figurewithout being able to see what the other is drawing. A piece of paper is folded in half and one person draws a head on one side then the other person draws a body on the other. Afterwards the paper is unfolded and the collaboration is revealed.

In this brand new show from the Padlock Gallery pairs of artists, consisting of one currently in prison and one currently out of prison, were randomly teamed up to play the game. The artists in prison were all sent drawing paper folded in half and randomly assigned to draw a head or body (some had their paper confiscated and had to hand in paper from “approved” paper dealers). These drawings were then masked before being given to the outside artists to complete. No one saw what the other one had drawn.

This same process was done with students at YOUTHBUILD Charter School who collaborated with ten young people their own age who are currently incarcerated in Philadelphia. The show wil be up until the month of May and the artists on the inside will get copies of their work sent to them.


Andrew Jeffrey WrightBeth NixonHeather MortonJames UlmerJesse MoynihanJohn HeronJuliet WayneKarel MatoKris ChauLiz RywelskiMark PriceRandall SellersTadashi MoriyamaXavier SchipaniAdan Flaco MartinezAna Lucia GelabertAntonio HowardBernard PatrickDan FletcherDanny Rene ?Hawk? SmithEd ChaparroFabian FloresJames B. MouraScott ServisSherry Ann VincentSundiata AcoliVirgil Barfield

03.19 2006

The REAL 1026 Video

if you go to google video and search for “1026”this is the real 1026 documentary….“1026” Google Video