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03.16 2012

Coming up in April


Phoning It In: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Artwork by young contemporary Javanese artists phoned in direct via
the Internet, presented at Space 1026.

Wedhar Riyadi
Uji Hahan
Rudy Aceh
Ahmad Oka
Diki “Leos” Firmansah
Hendra “HeHe” Harsono
Indun Bonzo
Iyok Prayogo
Janu Satmoko
Riono Tanggul
Taringpadi Collective
Indo Streetwear Photography by Brent Luvaas/Drexel University

Opening Friday, April 6th, 7 – 10p
Runs from April 6th – 27th, 2012

02.22 2012

Occuprint Fundraiser

Warmly missed Space 1026 alumni Jesse Goldstein has emerged churning out Occupy Wall Street posters at Occuprint and wants your help to make more poster prints possible.

Head on over to the Occuprint Kickstarter page if you would like to help out!

Also if you would like a free copy of the broadside Occupied Wall Street Journal printed with full sized poster designs inside, stop by the gallery and head on over to the free rack!

02.10 2012

Photos, Booze & Bagels

Photos, drawings & Magic Eye by Jason Hsu.


Runs from FEB 11 – MAR 7, 2012.

06.04 2011

Show Pics

Click for Flickr

03.09 2011


More shots from our photo set. You can see photos from Gabe here…

03.08 2011

Desert Island Show Pics

Thanks to Gabe and all the artists for an awesome show! Check out more pics here…

03.08 2011

Kicking Crap Around

03.03 2011

Install Updates!

03.01 2011

Coming up!

02.21 2011

Computer Lab Option

Laptop surfing with our latest edition to our techno Valhalla. Primarily we need something to look at pictures of cats, but youtube keeps bringing up the same old video of cats with paper bags on their heads! Now we can make our own internets!