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09.15 2010

Anni @ TrickGo

Photos from Anni’s show at TrickGo

09.14 2010

Optimus Maximus

Latest animation:

08.26 2010

More Time Lapse Videeeos

Pattern animation by Jason Hsu:

Time lapse clouds & sunset Philadelphia. August 26, 2010:

08.23 2010

Looking in the Toaster

Pattern animation by Jason Hsu:

Time lapse rain storm over Space 1026 August 22, 2010:

08.20 2010

New Vidz

Time lapse drawing with Alex Purdy & Jason Hsu:

Sunset Philadelphia 8-16-2010:

08.16 2010


08.08 2010

Holy Shmoly 4

32 pages of internet girls, full color photos, and giant bow ties.

08.02 2010

The New Animated Gif

I guess there are these things that are like animated gifs but better quality and with sound.

So to try out these new advanced animated gifs I took timelapse images of clouds. Enjoy:

07.23 2010

I just fucked up a bunch of prints

07.20 2010

Sublime Frequencies

So I meant to post these a while ago, but the website was being worked on at the time.

The wonderful folks from Sublime Frequencies stopped at the space to show there latest videos from Africa! The footage was really transporting and it was a wonderful experience just getting a glimpse into another world. If you ever have a chance to watch a screening I highly recommend it.

You can see a trailer for Olivia Wyatt’s film here. And it looks like they have a kickstarter project page to raise money for a trip to Sudan.