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07.18 2010

Double complete rainbow!!

“…too much, what does it mean???”

07.15 2010

Jason Hsu @ Green Line Cafe, Powelton

I got a bunch of photos and a few drawings up at the Green Line Cafe on Powelton.

If you’re around West Philly getting a cup of coffee be sure to check it out! It’ll be there until July 25th.

06.14 2010

Sia “The Girl You Lost To Cocaine”

04.29 2010

R.I.P. Yurt

Photos by Anni

04.05 2010

Dwayne Boooone!

With more work than we could fit on the walls, a mural, sculpture, and 2 zines, Dwayne Boone is prolific to say the least. This guy will easily have enough to fill a museum in a few years.

Pieces are priced between $20-$40 so you can’t lose. Assemble your own series and become an instant art collector.

For those with a tiny budget, zines are going for $2, so something for everyone.

If you do stop by be sure to look in the flat files to see what couldn’t fit on the walls!

03.13 2010

Art Around Town

For Thursday 3/11.

.matrix @ PPAC

PDDC Spring Art Exhibition @ City Hall

Extra-Dimensional Printmaking @ Nexus


PDDC Spring Art Exhibition @ City Hall

PDDC Spring Art Exhibition @ City Hall

Gwen & Mike (one of the organizers for the show).

PDDC Spring Art Exhibition @ City Hall

Sara, another organizer at PDDC.

Show Poster for Medium Resistance by Chris Kline

Sweet poster by Salty Snax.

Work by Bill McRight @ Nexus

This thing was hanging out in Bill’s studio and scared the bajeezus out of me.

Work by Dennis McNett @ Nexus

Hmmm, that piece looks familiar :)

03.11 2010

Hang on Fran!

02.27 2010



Emilia Brintnall

Jason Hsu

Anni Altshuler

Matt Leines

02.07 2010


It snowed.

01.28 2010


Come check it out!

Print Center
1614 Latimer Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

215 735.6090

Free and Open to the Public
Tuesday through Saturday,
11:00 am – 5:30 pm