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11.28 2007

Ornament: Ho Hum All Ye Faithful

November 30th – January 12th, 2007
Opening: Friday, November 30th, 6-8pm

BravinLee programs is pleased to present Ornament: Ho Hum All Ye Faithful. For the exhibition, we have invited artists to create a work of art inspired by the holiday ornament. This show is a sequel to an exhibition held in 1991 at Bravin Post Lee in Soho.

Beth Brandon, Space Member Extraordinaire, is making a massive forest for the exhibit.

08.22 2007

Lecture Series ect…

You know your doing something right when your former interns are on the lecture circuit. With topics as diverse as; time travel, mashed potatoes, SEPTA budget proposal, power point and ‘mysteries’.8Pm August 25 at the Circle of Hope – 2009 Frankford avenue- 2nd floor.

07.15 2007

Jaundice for Jacob

Our good’ol former intern has been working so hard he has developed a terrible case of Jaundice- his spirit is indominable however, and he continues to assist us in a limited capacity.

06.13 2007

Jake Henry at the Bean

He does not want you to know, but Jake is having an opening at the Bean on South street tonight at 9pm. Come out and catch a fleeting glimpse of elusive and understated ‘Raymond’ before he once again hides himself away in his studio for 6 months.

04.16 2007

InLiquid slumpin’ our shit

The Inliquid store is selling posters for the popped fest- mismanaged by yours trully. All designed and printed at space 1026. All in editions of 50 or less… InLiquid Store

03.20 2007

No Bad Blood

Friday March 30, Space 1026 gets gory… and transforms brooklyn’s Cinders gallery into an art beast turned inside out. No bad blood- but blood nontheless.

Cinders Gallery Presents:

No Bad Blood

Space 1026 Collective

March 30 – April 29 2007

Opening Reception Friday March 30th, 7-10pm

Jason Hsu, Courtney Dailey, Ben Woodward, John Freeborn, Bill McRight, O.
Roman Hasiuk, Crystal Stokowski, Jayson Musson, Jodi Rice, Jesse Olanday,
Elena Nestico, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, William Buzzell, Damian Weinkrantz,
Aryon Hoselton, Caitlin Perkins, Thom Lessner, Max Lawrence, Jesse
Goldstein, and Mark Price

The Space 1026 collective comes to Cinders Gallery by way of Philadelphia,
PA, where the 25–plus member group have been running a gallery space and
print-making studio for over 10 years. Known for their collaborative and fun
group spirit, their art installations embody the diverse personalities and
disciplines within the group as well as coalesce them into a tight, over
the top aesthetic that combines print-making, drawing, sculpture, design,
and video in an infectious visual chaos. For this exhibition, the group will
be using the human body as a central theme, creating an experience of being
inside our colorful and vastly complicated body of organs, nerves, and
bones, in Space 1026 fashion of course.We are excited to help bring the
energy of this Philadelphia collective to the underground art community in
New York.

The group has exhibited at the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts in San
Francisco, Magic Pony gallery in Toronto, New Image Art Gallery in Los
Angeles, and most recently at the Institute of Contemporary Art in
Philadelphia, where they created a large scale installation of an Ewok

Cinders Gallery
103 Havemeyer st. (btwn Hope and Grand st.)
Williamsbrg Brooklyn
Hours: W – F 2-8PM, SAT 12-8PM, SUN 12-7PM,

Cinders Gallery
103 Havemeyer st. (btwn Hope and Grand)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

04.10 2006

Wallabees are suspect

The man on the left is Iranian president Ahmadinejad…I don’t know if he is responsible for the weapons-grade uranian enrichment program that could start a world war…but I do know he wears Wallabees. Thanks alot Becky,Ben,Max and Aryon.R.

10.19 2005

Le Republic est Mort

If anyone would like to help me wheat paste, We could make a pin-drop of differance- Or possibly elicit the phrase; ” yo…that shit ain’t right y’all”