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10.22 2005

Record Swap today!

Buy & sell records at this local swap , organized by Ben Harris and his crew upstairs at the Ukie club. Saturday October 22nd, at the U.A.C.A. 847 N Franklin St. (bet 7th and 8th @ Poplar St.)

09.22 2005

don’t sweat it

max – if that guy’s opinion meant much of anything to anybody, it wouldn’t be on a blog. no one will even take the time to critique his review cos it isn’t worth it (for starters, his writing “skills” are atrocious). just roll your eyes and move on. you know the saying “those who can’t, teach.” (not to imply this about all teachers, but I do feel that some people see this as an alternative when they’re not finding success in their own field) In this case, the guy writes. when is his next solo show?

08.14 2005

new products

Finally got settled in at my new location and updated the market east website. Some new Bloo tshirts and posters, Bicycle Gangs of NY, Jim Houser’s Babel, and Morning Wood (finally). Oh yeah – Andrew’s (freeborn) awesome coloring book for sneaker heads.

08.02 2005

paul urich

you know who else is on there – paul urich my boy and yours from SF, he was part of the heartswork crew that showed at 1026 in april of 2004. he’s engaged now to kari, that hottie you may have seen on discovery channel’s myth busters. say congrats if you see him, shaka brah! (hey gonzo, don’t you have website to code? get back to work!)

04.27 2005

Art Prostitute #5

Check out Art Prostitute magazine – it’s great.