Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber

Opening Friday, March 2nd, 2012, 7-10 pm
March 2nd through March  31st

In conjunction with Fiber Philadelphia, Space 1026 is proud to present Optical Fiber, a group exhibition exploring the diversity of fiber arts.  Though varied in technique and discipline all of the artists challenge the characteristics and attitudes usually associated with fiber arts resulting in unconventional textiles pushing the limits of functionality and aesthetics.  Please join us for an opening reception Friday, March 2nd from 7-10 pm at 1026 Arch St.

Optical Fiber features work by New Friends, Takashi Iwasaki, Annie Larson, Erin M Riley, Allison Watkins and Megan Whitmarsh.

New Friends is Alexandra Segreti (Weird Friends) and Kelly Rakowski (Nothing is New). Alex and Kelly first connected on the internet with a shared love of textiles and eccentric visuals. They began working on weavings together, apart. Months later they met IRL, shared their work and became New Friends.

Using needle and thread as a drawing implement, Takashi Iwasaki‘s recent works are either visual recordings of daily life or visualizations of imaginary worlds or landscapes.  These works may appear to be abstract on the surface, however, most shapes and colors have meanings and origins that are of great significance to the artist.  Capturing moments and sharing visions with others is his obsession and pleasure.

Brooklyn designer Annie Larson launched ALL Knitwear, her sweater label, online in April 2010. The company ships sweaters to customers all over the world, and each item is made from start to finish by Larson on a Brother KH-965i knitting machine.  Graphically rich with signature patterns and color combinations, Larson’s knit sweaters transcend their function, turning the wearer into living sculpture.

Erin M Riley received her MFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA and her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA. She has a home studio in Philadelphia, PA but is a current Artist in Residence at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, NE. She weaves wool tapestries on a Macomber floor loom of images she finds on the internet and most recently photos she has taken herself of personal objects and nudie pix.

Allison Watkins, a San Francisco based artist, will be showing exquisitely hand-stitched renderings of the contents of her closet.  These pieces, textiles depicting a collection of textiles, work as a visual pun showing sentimental value and subtle humor.

Megan Whitmarsh uses the visual noise and pop culture of her youth in the 70’s and 80’s to inform her work. Known primarily for her idiosyncratic hand embroidery and textile work, which has been shown internationally, the artist will also be exhibiting soft-sculptural totems.