Space 1026
1026 Arch Street 2nd Floor
Philadelphia PA, 19107

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Gallery Hours

We do not have official gallery hours, but we’re most days from noon to 8:00pm. Don’t hesitate to stop by and ring the bell. Someone is typically here to buzz you in to check out what’s in the gallery. You can also make an appointment by contacting us at

Gallery Proposals

Space 1026 is always accepting gallery submissions. Proposals should include: a brief description (no more than two paragraphs) of how your show would be displayed in our gallery, a current CV and up to 10 images along with the corresponding information on each piece (title, medium, size and year completed), either printed out, burnt on CD, or e-mailed to us.

We look at submissions as a group once a year and will contact artists we feel are a good fit for our program. Please feel free to submit a proposal once a year. Due to the large number of submissions we are not able to respond to every e-mail or letter we receive.

Gallery Committee Submission
Space 1026
1026 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(please keep the email heading relevant)

PLEASE NOTE: When sending a submission via e-mail, we would prefer a link to a website displaying your work over attachments – but if you do not have a website, please limit the number of image attachments sent to 10 (TEN). Please send your images saved as Jpegs with a maximum dimension of 1000 pixels on the longest side and no larger than 300k (you can save your files for e-mail by using the Photoshop “Save for Web” feature and adjusting the optimization). Please label your images YOURNAME_TITLE.jpg and include a list with the corresponding information on each piece (title, medium, size and year completed). In the same e-mail please include the above requested information (a brief proposal of how your show would be displayed in our gallery and a current CV)

Screen Printing

We offer screen printing facilities to outside printers on a limited basis. Print makers can use our facilities for a one time fee per project or for a monthly fee.

Contact :

Performances and Gallery Rental

Space 1026 is NOT a music venue. It is our general policy to not book music shows. If we do book a show for a band it is usually for a group which Space 1026 knows on a personal basis.

If you are a booking agent for a music group please do not post a request to play at the space, all requests will be ignored.

We do welcome lectures, book tours, and other creative and quiet endeavors.

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