O. Roman Hasiuk

From one sad gap of the heart to another…what did you hope to find?

Dream Architecture #2

Second in series of black-paper prints. When It gets to seven or nine I’ll bind them into a book. Why black paper you ask? Because after you handle it, your black fingers will smudge someone else’s pristine white book…Booyakasha!


Sweet post-moderism allows me the freedom to use glitter when screenprinting.

Nihil / Headless Angels

Sometimes so much effort and time and thought add up to a great big shiny nothing… Like a novelty-sized penny so big it could crush you.

Tacitus Typeface

A typeface I designed, based on ancient greek inscriptions. Typographers note: no baseline!I am a geek.

Of Montreal

Poster for Of Montreal concert. Designed with Aryon and Alex.

Dungun Poster

Screenprinted poster for Dungun concert. Designed with Aryon H.we are GDVG


Screenprint 16″x16″.I really don’t remember why I have resin-injected, gold-plated, photographed and screenprinted dead bumblebees. I don’t even like them that much…

Dream Architecture #1

Screenprint on Somerset black paper. I had a dream of looking though the gates of a great palace in the desert and watching a sailboat glide upon the burning sands.


Stone carving. No.. I am not pretentious- I just don’t have a name for it- which is rather odd considering the amount of time I cradled this piece in my hands while shaping it. More carefully than any mother can know. On second thought, sculptures should not have names, they already speak the tongue of the third dimension. It’s name is it’s form. It is about 10″ tall on it’s 5th birthday

Mememto Mori

Screenprint on sliced sea-stone from nova scotia, with accompanying title stone. Image photographed at laurel hill cemetary. If life is a dream, then death must be the moment of waking. That explains why most people seem in waking sleep all around me… Or maybe it’s just that hopelessness exhausts.

Baron Augustus von Lammenhammer

Ahh the Baron. What exactly can and should be said about the baron. He was a war hero, and a close friend of mine. You have to believe in something…

Alchemy 6+7

Two more of my Alchemy prints. Screenprinted Monotypes. Really should be seen in person. But then again most things should anyway. The eyes of women…mystical like luminous fog.


Drawing on Mylar. Either an orchid or a flying peacock… or just nothing. Exorcism.

Le Gat

A screenprint of a photograph of the world’s coolest cat figuring out what exactly snow is…

Alchemy Close

A close-up of an alchemy print. One in a series of 99 screenprinted monotypes.


Lumograph on Mylar 17″x28″…God these are a bitch to print-this one gobbled a quart of ink. But people seem to like them. And think I’m gay.