Greg van Brug

the R.I.T. 9

9 images created over 5 days at the Rochester Institute of Technology as a visiting artist. The week was documented here


A new set of photos of nudes and bedrooms that I just started…I do a lot of stuff like this in prep for a new set of intaglio type CMYK prints. You can see more HERE

getting the band back together

images from installation of “getting the band back together” a show at the A/V Space in Rochester NY this past May. The show was a collaboration between myself and DAN DANGER. For pics from the install go HERE and for close up’s of all the work try HERE

bound/unbound project

A series of hand collaged book covers with silk screen prints done for the bound/unbound show at the free library. To see a complete set go


nude #1

cmyk process nude #1, jerking it to dots…for more go HERE

erie walmart parking lot

photo sketch for print


three color intaglio type

last gas in pa

four color intaglio type, for more thesis prints go HERE


four color inaglio type

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