05.17 2024

Expanded Dimensions is on view through May 31st


Check out Store 1026 for a some of the available works from the show and stop by the gallery Wednesdays through Fridays from 5pm to 7pm.

Closing Reception
Friday, May 31 from 6pm to 10pm

844 North Broad Street

About the Artists

Clyde Jurysta

I am an artist currently living in Philadelphia. Born to artist parents, I have been trained in various art forms from an early age, though I did not go to ‘art school’ for college. I consider the knowledge I have gained through working in the trades useful to my art making career. I enjoy putting various techniques to practice including welding, forging, wood working, electrical, printmaking, painting, casting and sculpting etc., and source my materials from the street, trash (wanna see my collection of salvaged motors?) construction sites, hardware stores, the scrap yard, and the woods.

Growing up in Manhattan in the 90’s, I was fascinated by all of the neon lights that were everywhere. All of the strip clubs and adult stores had such good signage. A colored light bulb isn’t just color, it’s color being pushed into your eyeball. Your eye isn’t receiving the color passively. The color waves are flowing into you. That’s also why I love fluorescent colors. They vibrate with light, almost as if the colors are emitting light themselves.

Lately I’ve been very intrigued by geometry. Geometry is in everything. It’s microscopic and infinite. Don’t get me started on fractals! Exploring these topics from a base level, using materials I know and enjoy such as wood, has been a great way to learn more about the math and science behind these forms. The geometric frame pieces have been a kind of challenge to myself to see if I can make some of the shapes I’ve been making, but well enough that I don’t need (much) filler. I love how the oiled mahogany highlights the beauty of the shape, and the brass detail highlights the beauty of the mahogany.

The optical illusion paintings have been a really exciting way for me to explore color. How colors interact with each other and how they interact with the senses. Exploring color, pattern and texture might be a never ending path of learning for me.

I derive inspiration from life. The human form, queerness, music, nature, science, folklore, old wisdom, communing with nature, and the unknown. My current themes include gateways to other worlds, optical illusions, and the supernatural. My queer identity influences my art and subject matter. In a grander sense, I want my art to bring light and joy to those who see it.

Free Palestine. End genocide everywhere. Land back. Destroy capitalism. Power to the people!

Yianni Kourmadas

Yianni Kourmadas is a tradesperson, trash-picker and tinkerer using raw materials to create Living Objects that blur the human/machine boundary. Inspired by the mechanical and sonic possibilities inherent in each physical scrap, Yianni designs and builds objects that wake up into existence, explore their desires, and talk or move with the aid of motors or hand-cranks. Creatures of irregularity, Living Objects, unlike their mechanical counterparts in the Crumbling World, do not do work.

04.19 2024

BIKE TOUR of the NAVY YARD. History, Now and Future!


Arts and recreational sports at the Navy Yard. ALL part of a healthy community. Active. Fulla vigah, plus more than a little vim!

That includes, of course, cycling as an integral part of the entire scene. Think Amsterdam. Fewer cars, lots of bicycles!


More details here.

04.16 2024




Opening Reception
Friday, May 3 from 6pm to 10pm

Gallery Hours
Wednesdays-Fridays from 5pm to 7pm

Musical Performances
Friday, May 10 at 7pm
Saturday, May 18 at 7pm

Closing Reception
Friday May 31 from 6pm to 10pm

04.03 2024


SPACE 1026 Presents:


A Solo Exhibition by Caroline Mills

April 5 – April 27, 2024

Opening Reception: April 5th, 6pm – 10pm


Caroline Mills is a Philadelphia based illustrator and printmaker with a BFA from Tyler School of Art. Her work features imagery coinciding with childhood nostalgia and growing up as a person processing trauma and mental illness. Her pen and marker drawings are inspired by pop culture, music, cartoons, and fashion.

03.08 2024

STOCK Zine Fest

Hang out with your favorite zine & comic artist from around town, plus access to some exclusive collectors collectible collections
Sat. March 30th

03.08 2024

Alaina Ewins Solo Show

Cats & Chick’s
A retrospective of comics, thoughts, & sketches from 2015 – 2024
March 1st – 30th
Opening First Friday 3.1.24
6-9 pm

12.11 2023

Joe Boruchow – Monster Storm

Opening reception Jan 5th

Joe Boruchow is a Philadelphia based muralist and paper cutout artist whose site- specific work is designed to fit into architectural niches and public spaces. Born and raised in the Washington DC area, he moved to Philadelphia in 1997. The self-taught artist started working in paper cutout in 2003 and has been consistently exploring ways to transcend the traditional medium, translating his designs into large scale murals, graphic novels, fine art prints and metal wall hangings. Inspired by his surroundings, current events and architecture, his black and white installations have become iconic in the Philadelphia region. His work explores themes of race, sexuality, politics, history and art, all through the subtractive art of paper cutout. His designs are all created from a single piece of black paper where all the white sections are excised by hand with an exacto blade and all the black sections must connect to the whole. Often quite small, the original paper cutouts are scaled up to fit their intended space. He was a finalist for Pew Fellowship and has worked on major murals with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. His graphic novel, “Stuffed Animals” was awarded a Xeric Grant for graphic fiction. As a visiting artist, he is often called upon to lecture and instruct at colleges such as The University of the Arts and institutions such as The Barnes Foundation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. His commissioned and uncommisioned work have gained a large regional following and has been covered by national and international press and blogs. Exhibitions of his original paper cutouts continue to astonish followers of his work with their intricacy and craftsmanship. The intimate scale of the paper cutouts contrasted with his monumental murals, create a tension between the private and public aspects of the work. The blend of craft and concept combine to create powerful graphic images that transform the spaces that they inhabit.

11.14 2023

2023 Art Auction

Art Auction

Saturday, December 9th

Doors 6pm, Auction 7pm


Week of Events


Friday, December 1st  First Friday Preview 6pm to 9pm

Saturday, December 2nd  Shrug Night  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ music/sound experiments

Sunday, December 3rd Sewing Workshop for beginners with our favorite mummers, the Vaudevillians. Perfect for adults, tweens & teens, or adults with young kiddos

Monday, December 4th New Thingz, a night of new jokes hosted by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Tuesday, December 5th Space Melt Cinema

Wednesday, December 6th Skull Sessions reception at Hicks Art Center Gallery from 4pm to 7:30pm

Thursday, December 7th Gallery Drawings Sessions with Jackie Small, a continuation of backyard drawing sessions with plant specimens from 6pm to 8pm


Artwork by Rachel Avallone

11.01 2023

Community Embrace: The Story of the LindoYes Poetry Gumball Machines

This video is the official trailer for the documentary “Community Embrace: The Story of the LindoYes Poetry Gumball Machines.” This documentary follows LindoYes’s poetry gumball machine initiative from its inception and its impact on providing mental health resources to the community in the Philadelphia greater metropolitan area.

More info here

10.13 2023

Botanical in Nature

Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators
Opening Reception November 10th

Kindly join us for the opening reception of Botanical in Nature, a members choice show presented by the Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators on Friday, November 10th, 2023 at Space 1026 from 6pm to 9pm. 844 North Broad Street, Philadelphia

The exhibition will be on view from November 10th through November 28th. To schedule an appointment, please contact gallery@space1026.com.

We are excited to also invite you to a botanical illustration workshop with Toni Denkin, a Philadelphia-based botanical artist and a new member of PSBI on Saturday, November 18th, more info here. 

Artwork Credit: Joan Frain, Melissa Olson, Alice Waters, Virginia Fitzpatrick, Maureen Sexton, and Linda Gist

The mission of the Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators is both educational and philanthropic: 
to educate ourselves and others about the history of Botanical Illustration; 
to celebrate the artistic development of our members;
to provide an opportunity to exhibit together;
and to bring Botanical Illustration to the attention of many audiences.