Lindsey Mears

Two words: obsolete technology.Hand bookbinding, 19th century photographic techniques, hand-set lead type printed on the letterpress–these are the things that get me through the day.

The Ladies’ Paradise

Detail of window installation with sanded mirrors, feathered hats and silk.

Golden Eagle

20×24 Gum bichromate and cyanotype print from a series of birds that once inhabited men’s parlors.


20×24 Gum bichromate print from a series of birds that once inhabited men’s parlors.

The Old Note

One-of-a-kind artist’s book with screenprinting, cyanotype, van dyke brown, gum bichromate and wax. Original text, handbound.

Wants A Situation

Limited edition artist’s book with bleached and toned cyanotypes. Letterpressed text combines original prose with excerpts from 19th c. classifieds.

On a porch in Carolina

4×5 daguerreotype,one of six I made at Penland School of Crafts in NC. (Self Portrait with Porshe and rocking chair is another). Each daguerreotype is a crafted piece, involving polishing a silver plate several times, sensitizing it to light by exposing to iodine vapor, then hoping for a decent exposure in an old view camera. After developing the exposed plate with sunlight and water, I gild it with a blowtorch. I have new respect for the early photographers. Side note: the first daguerreotype in the US was made in Philly!

Away So Long

One-of-a-kind artist’s book with gum bichromate photography and original text.


One of a kind artist’s book with gum bichromate photography, bleached/toned/waxed cyanotypes, silk, velvet, copper, and original text.

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