Matt Kosoy

i make websites, including the one you are looking at! learn more at my portfolio site

Bobby Clarke

The Flyers were world champions in 1974-75. This paste up is in San Francisco.

Jackie Landstein

A tribute to my grandmother.

The Couch in the Front Room

so distracting.

Kill Me

Someone lived/lives in this trailer in Brooklyn. The dude came outside, and asked me what i was doing. When he saw the poster he asked if he could help me put it up, and i gave him all of the change i had in my pocket in exchange. Mabye 3 bucks, but definitley enough to buy a forty with.


do or do not there is no try

More Wheatpastes.

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” – Hunter S. Thompson.

Evil Dead 2 Sticker

Made for the stick up

Traffic Skateboards – wheatpastes

bank ramp

we built a bank ramp under I-95 in south philly with enough of a lip to do tailslides on. it’s low enough that you can hit it from the flat.

Have Board Will Skate – wheatpastes

Animal Chin posters for my friend’s website.

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