Aryon Hoselton

I am a founding member of Space 1026 Recycling. Mayor Nutter approves.

Collaborations in curating:
Trevor Reese & Sighn
Alex Da Corte

This is a way:
Reuse Workshop: Build a Bag
Tshirt Printing with GOOD Mag
Make It/Break It
Cosmic Cantina: 1026 Food Show
Sewathon: A Mummer Happening
The Rave Cave

NERD Island

Collaborative Chaos.


Roman Hasiuk and Crystal Stokowski at our Indexiphilia show at BravinLee in August 2007.

Interns & Jesse G

Shot during the You Are Beautiful signage installation for the Manybody Show at Temple Gallery in June 2007.


Collaboration with Caitlin Perkins and many interns for the Cinders Show, “No Bad Blood in March 2008.

Cinders Swing

Last minute reuse of my plastic bag rope and a spleen. Sto on the swing out front of Cinders during our No Bad Blood show in April 2007.

Recyle Bin

Displayed during our ICA Show in January 2007.

Recycling Support Signage

My friend Michael Gerkovich displaying signage we made for a Philadelphia City Hall Recycling Hearing.

Vaudevillain’s New Years Brigade


plastic bag rope

Woven plastic rope created to build rope bridges for the “Hello God, Are You There? It’s Us Space 1026” show at Locally Localized Gravity, ICA.

Thank You. Thank You.

Knit bag collaboration with Alison Macrina for the Hand Job show at Space 1026

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