MYLES Smutney-Hyde

The Real Deal.

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La Muerte Del Amantes

4x6ft painting on display at Made to Order. 817 N 2nd Street. Philadelphia.

Tini Martini Mural

Inspired, of course, by Die Die My Darling, I made this stencil for a huge mural I did covering the entire basement of Tini Martini in Chicago. I later used, and revamped this for old my bedroom.

Bedroom Mural

I did this in my old Kenzington bedroom to brighten my days. I guess it worked.The picture quality is terrible, check back soon.Its better on my blog.oh my blog

Trouble Industries

My friend Tina at Topstitch Boutique here in Philly made a card to announce the new summer arrivals of the tees I printed for the line I created with Jonny Sorber. Its called Trouble Industries, named after my cat.

Afficial Window

I painted this mural from the inside of Afficial over the summer. Its on 5th near south and the inside is made to look like a pool. Its a really awesome store, and this was my first piece on glass, I usually install in window fronts, not paint on em.


I wheatpasted this at Tattoed Mom’s on South st. Its roughly 9ft tall by 6ft wide. My friend Bobby did most of the physical application cause their insurance doesn’t cover customers. I pushed a broom up from the staircase to help the best I could.

Solo Show Flyer

I painted this for my opening at Conspiracy Showrrom in June. The mural I did for the store is still up. Check it!

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