12.08 2006


Space 1026 Presents:
October 28th, 7pm-10:30pm 2006

Haloween! Costume! Dance! Party!
Its the return of the Space parties. Its time to dance in a cave. Its lights camera magic.

Performances by:
AJ Ready Right > web <
Cold Retarded, Driz Horse

Cars Will Burn > web <
Part performance piece, part noise-band, and part sculptural installation. Cars Will Burn! is a machine realized by Mark Price and is at every moment on the verge of complete disaster. The way everything is wired we should be blowing circuits and frying our gear.

Sweatheart > web <
Sweatheart is a pop group from philadelphia featuring thom lessner, rose luardo and amanda blank. They perform live with a new backing band, “the toddlers” featuring dave papp, max dimezzo and julia rainer.

Sri Slava
Dis-member of manman, member of sweatheart, and Tom Ruth and Miu perform lively for the second time in Philadelphia as Sri Slava.

BYO + its Halloween… dress like it.

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