10.16 2008

Secret Rooms of the Dirtpalace – Volume 3:

Opening November 7, 2008 6 – 11pm
November 7 – November 29, 2008

Space 1026
1026 Arch St. Second Floor, Philadelphia, PA

The Dirtpalace is an inconspicuous rotting brick building in the thick of opinionated pedestrians, aggressive loud-mouthed drivers and Rhode Island’s finest hot weiners that is Olneyville Square. Which is to say that it is a cupcake encrusted netherworld docked along the shore of the Woonasquatucket river.

In it‘s past lives it was a library, a place of worship, a junk pile, a basement phone sex operation, and a drug store. It is now a place where nobody lives, where nobody ever lived and where there are many books and cats and girls lingering in confusing hallways inventing things potentially not in the most efficient way nor using the scientific method.

The Dirtpalace may be explained to strangers/parents/squares by employing the pithy catch phrase “An All female Art Collective in Providence, RI”. The word feminist is also relevant and frequently used, as are the words cold, broke(n), impossible and nusto-broads.

In the show “Secret Rooms of the Dirtpalace – Volume 3…” we present you with real and hypothetical furnishings from behind the trapdoor bookcases. Artifacts of histories as varied as the day and night, saturated in love, loss, explosion, boredom, useless junk, phantom fame, deception and loyalty.

to learn more about the dirt palace check out their website.

they also have a flickr.

The gallery at Space 1026 is open daily between noon and 7pm, please ring the bell for entry.

Crystal Stokowski is available for further information about the show or to discuss appointments, sales and tours. Contact her at crystalstokowski@space1026.com.

Suggested Listing
I Hope I Live This Way Until I Die, new work from the Dirtpalace, the all female art collective from Providence, at Space 1026 located at 1026 Arch St., 2nd Floor, Nov. 7 – Nov. 29, 2008.

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