Art Auction 2009


December 11
Doors open at 6pm, auction begins at 7pm.

December 4
from 7pm – 10pm.

December 4-10
Please see ourĀ Art Auction News Page for details and updates.

Art Donations

November 30
Download the Donation Form

Our annual auction helps ensure that Space 1026 can continue to offer our gallery to promising artists from all over the world, open events to the public, and provide a collaborative and supportive environment to the Philadelphia arts community. Not only does the auction support Space 1026 and our undertakings, but it provides an accessable way for a new audience to discover great and affordable art. Thanks to so many donations and enthusiastic participants, last year’s auction was a great success.

Donation Suggestions

+ Paintings, sculptures
+ Prints, posters
+ CDs, tapes, records
+ Clothing, printed t-shirts
+ Wall sconces, bike seats, bags of money…
… and any other art as you know it!

Any donations received after November 30th deadline will gladly be accepted; however, we may not be able to show them during the preview or include them with our press materials.

Donation Process

Complete the form with the following information:
Short bio/resume or website
or any additional information will help promote your work in our publicity and at the auction.

Drop off or send donations to:

Space 1026
ATTN: Art Auction
1026 Arch Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Meg Kemner 609 206 8876
Greg Pizzoli 717 858 5327

About Space 1026

Space 1026 is a gallery, studio space, and group of artists based in Philadelphia, PA. We have spent the past 12 years supporting local and international artists through our creative community.

Our members work in a wide variety of media – from printmaking to wood cutting to video arts – and have produced a great number of successful projects, including Small Change Screenings, Sweatheart, Padlock Gallery, Free News Projects, Cars Will Burn, Cantab Publishing, Art Joke Club, The Bookmobile, and Megawords Magazine, and many more.

Over the Past Year…

Our monthly gallery exhibitions included artists such as AJ Fosik, Andrew Schoultz, Derek Wesiberg, Shawn Brackbill, Bill Daniel, and Seripop.1026 also opened our doors to comedy revues, performance art, and music shows, including Chain & the Gang, Trutheater Theater, Algernon Cadwallader, and ROTFLOL.

Beyond Arch Street, we’ve done music and comedy tours across the US, and have shown our work in galleries from San Francisco to Rome to Copenhagen. This coming January, we’re looking forward to our collaborative installation here in Philadelphia at the Print Center.

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