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11.04 2008

Did you vote today?


07.16 2008

Print Liberation Book in stock at Jinxed

Local heroes make it big! The Print Liberation crew has put out a step-by-step guide on silk screening and we have it in stock.

Buy it today-Start your own crappy t-shirt company tomorrow! All the dumb questions-Answered!
Get it while we got it!


Lots of other books in, too. Get in here…

06.27 2008

In Memory of Megan Miller

We regret the loss of Megan Miller, co-owner of Amble Gallery & Books, and a great friend. She passed away on June 20th. She was 26 years old.

Among Megan’s survivors are her parents, Edmund and Sandra Miller. We wish sincere condolences to her friends and family.

From Concetta Barbera:

“Megan was loyal and driven. Although her life was short, she led a full life. When she put her mind toward something she never gave up. Her life was filled with sickness, but she never let it break her firey spirit and she valued her friends as members of her family. I loved her and cherished her as one of my greatest friends and she always will be.”

06.03 2008

A past not easily forgotten…

Our recent posting about the South Philly Biennial has no intentions to be offensive in any way. Although, our installation is about South Philly’s quirky custom of chaining chairs to the hand bar of a front stoop, we at 1026 understand how the grand image of Frank Rizzo serving as the backdrop, in our last blog entry, carries an evocative history that cannot be ignored.

As a local Philadelphian my blood often boils after confronting images of our former mayor, Frank Rizzo. It’s a weird feeling to have, as I tend to carry thick-skinned sensitivity regarding such controversial figures. Yet, I think it’s the nature of his position in Philadelphia’s history that brings to the forefront an ambivalence surrounding many of our city’s transgressions (past and present).

Many transplants to Philadelphia are not as familiar with these injustices, which are often attenuated in public discourse, and even…public art works (e.g. mural art).

It was my grandfather, my father, my uncles, aunt, and often parents of my friends that educated me about Philadelphia, it’s history, as well as how to transcend some of the limitations that have resulted from that history. This collective education

06.01 2008

SOUTH Philly Biennial RIGHT NOW!

check it out from 12-6 at 9th & christian. in the dibrunos parking lot, across from gleaners, in front of the frank rizzo mural! HA!


me, andrew, & jacobs thumb

heather & lindsey interacting with our installation

05.31 2008

SOUTH Philly Biennial! rain date!

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 1st from 12-6pm in front of the Frank Rizzo Mural at 9th & Christian.
Space 1026 does an organic south philadelphia inspired installation in the midst of a sculptural art garden. there will also be performances from Sweatheart, Club Lifestyle and more!