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01.17 2010

sewing and sewing and sewing

we have been sewing nonstop at the print center!!
check out these photos and be sure to come to the opening saturday jan 30 from 2-5pm!

11.18 2009

Andy Smith, “Songs From Wonderful Land”

My friend Andy Smith recorded this album of songs called “Songs From Wonderful Land”. It’s available here for free and i think it’s definitely worth listening to.

This is what he has to say about it:

“‘Wonderful Land’ is a collection of songs I recorded in the year 2009. I wrote most of them on school bus #7544 before my afternoon route as a way to pass the time, which in retrospect seems to have been an effective approach. In fact, I would recommend that anyone who is bored during a lunch break should imagine a fantasy band to pass the time.

These can be had in one of two ways: 1) You can download them to your personal computer or… 2) You can request a VHS copy for $100 (alternately, if you supply the tape I will make a copy for $0).”

08.28 2009

Kristen Jenson Memorial Fund

On the evening of Sunday, August 2, Rachael Jensen (keyboardist and violinist for the Portland-based pop group Parenthetical Girls) suffered a major tragedy: four members of her immediate family were involved in a fatal car accident while traveling home from an annual family reunion. Her father and two brothers were rushed to an intensive care facility, and are now in the early stages of their recovery. Tragically, Rachael’s mother Kris, 51,passed away at the scene. Kris

06.19 2009

almost there

guess who’s birthday is coming up??!!

05.14 2009

Space 1026 in Asbury Park NJ

check out space 1026 & tiffany crisci at the tri city arts festival in asbury park new jersey!!!
this saturday may 16th from 12-10pm! we will be located in front of the Parlor Gallery – 717 cookman avenue!!! two tables and a full clothing rack of merch!!! thanks to parlor gallery for making this happen!!!

02.13 2009

do this