Alternate Universe – Chelsea Coon and Emily Bowser

Alternate Universe

Chelsea Coon and Emily Bowser
July 1st – July 29th, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, July 1st, 7 – 10 pm

The imaginary world created will speak of the endless possibilities of what can exist in space. The playful nature is intentional to help to ease the idea of worlds existing other than our own. Through the tangled mass of parallel universe tunnels opening up into an alternate worlds landscape, we are depicting a world exclusive from what we know that is beautiful, bizarre, and asks the question of where the real ends and the unreal begins. When is imagination more of a necessity for understanding than scientific fact?Through a tangible interactive setting the mind will explore ideas of the intangible such as the origins of life or the elements fundamental for the creation. The installation will cause the viewers to consider what lies beyond the realms of what we know.

Chelsea Coon is interested in the structures essential for creation of life and the elements fundamental for their sustainment. She explores the indefatigable interconnectedness existing in every breath of the elegant universe. The matter and the non matter, the absence versus the presence are the fundamental ideas fueling the work she creates. She is asking the age old questions of herself and the viewer of what are we and what will we become? Chelsea is from New Milford, Connecticut and currently live in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in partnership with Tufts University and will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in May 2012. Her most recent exhibitions include Arts for Action at the Student Union Gallery of University of Connecticut, The Prostitution of Art at Mobius, A Private Glimpse Juried Drawing show at the Rubin Frankel Gallery at the Hillel House of Boston University, and Whistling Past the Freedom Trail in the William Hunt Morris Library of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She co-curated a show entitled ‘Imaginary Active’ which will be on view in the Courtyard Gallery in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston from February 19 to August 21, 2011. At the Silo Gallery, in her hometown, she will have a solo exhibition in June 2012. For upcoming shows, events, and extended resume please visit:

Emily Bowser was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  She did her undergraduate work at Pennsylvania State University where she received her BFA in Sculpture and BA in English.  She recently received her MFA (with Honors) at the University of Iowa.  Her work is primarily centered on creating immersive installations where her audience can be surrounded by  a multitude of ephemeral materials.  Miss Bowser’s work stems from the ideas of formal qualities, transformation, sensual memory, conceptual and aesthetic qualities of banal accumulation that occur in everyday existence.  For her, sensitivity to materials is a significant aspect when conceptualizing and visualizing her work for the final outcome – whether it is birdseed, cake, bread dough, or cotton candy.

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