Consider again, that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us.

Maguire Image 1

SPACE 1026 presents Consider again, that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. A selection of individual and collaborative work by Adam Lovitz and Patrick Maguire

“First, she tried a spoonful from Papa Bear’s great big bowl. “OW!” she yelled, “TOO HOT!”
Next, she tried a spoonful from Mama Bear’s medium-sized bowl. “Brrrrr! TOO COLD!” she complained.
Finally, Goldilocks tried a spoonful from Baby Bear’s tiny little bowl. “YUMMY!” she cried. “THIS IS JUST RIGHT!” Goldilocks ate the entire bowlful.”

The Goldilocks Zone, a distance from a star that would allow the surface temperatures of a planet to be Earth-like and just right for liquid water, marks itself as the best place to look for life similar to ours.

Patrick Maguire and Adam Lovitz have composed works that teeter on the threshold of familiarity and strangeness, at times escaping into the immeasurable. This tension, found in both artists’ practice, occurs in between the space of literal representation and total abstraction. A pupa world is documented, positioning itself amidst a developed and undeveloped state of being.

There are some pieces that caress or disfigure the gravitational pull of life on Earth, whether it be akin to the surface of a stone, or cultural debris on a city sidewalk. While others hover just beyond our atmosphere, transmitting a signal only made visible when looking inside our self.

And who is to say this phenomenon, this awareness, is not as tangible as feeling the warmth of a dying star from the comfort of our home?