Glad To See You

Lump Lipshitz, Jerstin Crosby, Stewart Sineath, ToryWright, Allyson Mellberg, Gary Smith, K Whole, Josh Rick

‘Glad To See You’ embodies a sense of nihilistic transience. ForSpace 1026, Teamlump is created a big country squater environment,complete with full size truck camper, constructed from cardboard andwood scraps. Behind the camper is a small crop of marijuanaplants and coming from the corner is an infinite highway that stretchesacross the gallery floor.

This atmosphere along with all the othergreat work going into the show, creates an omni-present loner andcelebrates those who exist ‘off the grid’, and live off the land.


Garden of weedly delights

Stuffed animal hump fest

Elbow proctor

Laser kill expedition

Monster truck weed rally

Hippie monster

Ninja beer cans

Cement ax prop