Other Ways In


Tom Bubul
Michael W Hall
Paintings etc.


Mike and I have been working together for nine years; as the band OSPREYS, as a drawing club, and as a decision-making team through 2008, when I left Philadelphia for Providence. “Other Ways In” presents our painting together for the first time. The title of this show refers to gaining access to unusual areas via atypical entrances.

Mike’s recent work builds up bars of color in step-gradients into curving forms, and grids those within interrupting blank spaces. It’s difficult for me to divorce a viewing of his paintings from my awareness of his maniacal interest in freight trains; his mind-meltingly patient rendering will immediately seem familiar to anyone who’s ever sat for a long-ass time trying to catch out, and the austerity of his designs is in direct contrast to the hidden, filthy chaos of train yards, sidings and jungles. The way he designs space suggests a hole in a fence that you can probably get through.

Lately my painting has been toward containing energy for use against persistent, general problems (i.e., the winter, the future); the idea is that these paintings will be usable as alternatives to space heaters, application panic, and dark reflection by acting as reminders of… other… ways… into dealing with the persistent issues of the world of days, where either way, you have to keep getting out of bed, taking a shower, and frying an egg forever.

Mike and I are both preparing a pretty massive collection of archival and supporting/contextual material, including drawings, prints, photos, and small sculptures, so there will be all of that too.

The opening is  7-10pm Friday February 3rd, 2012. We hope to see you there –


Mike’s Zone

Tom’s Zone

Space 1026
1026 Arch St.