Separations Anxiety – Printmaking At Space 1026

March 5th – 27th, 2010Opening Reception: Friday, March 5th, 7 – 10pmSpace 10261026 Arch St. 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PAwww.space1026.comSeparations Anxiety, Printmaking At Space 1026 presents the diverse range of prints and printed materials made by the 25+ members of our Philadelphia collective. Fundamental to our creative process, this exhibition exposes our printmaking methods (and madness) presenting finished prints alongside the materials used to make them. Hand cut rubilith, whiteout drawings, photocopies, hand drawn ink positives, and even relief printed acetate; if it is out there, 1026ers have tried it. All this plus test prints, and the of course, the much coveted SUPER RARES. Freaking awesome! Oh and zines, heck yeah. If it’s print related, we’ll be showing it.As a collective, Space 1026’s installations have ranged from massive multi-story constructions covered in printed works to an elegant geodesic dome. Members have also shown their work individually around the globe. Come see Space 1026’s prints in their natural, free-range habitat. Recently, Space 1026 designed an installation that transformed the gallery spaces of The Print Center into a reading room for Philagrafika 2010, now come see where it all began.+++++Also this month:Wednesday, March 24: Southern Graphics Council Conference opens, block party at The Print Center, preview the new hand printed book by Space 1026Thursday, March 25: Special Separations Anxiety Soir√©e for the Southern Graphics Council Conference at Space 1026, the release Space 1026 Book, and Draw a Fundred, an event to raise awareness of childhood lead absorption in New Orleans,7pm – 10 pm at 1026 Arch St.+++++Space 1026 was founded over a decade ago by a handful of artists and tricksters who organize rowdy public events and outrageous installations at their building and at other institutions. At the heart of Space 1026 is a communal screen-printing workshop and gallery space for monthly exhibitions by local and international artists. +++++SEPARATIONS ANXIETYPrintmaking at Space 1026March 5th – 27th, 2010Opening Reception: Friday, March 5th, 7 – 10pmClosing Party and More: Thursday, March 25th, 7 – 10pmSpace 10261026 Arch St. 2nd Floor, Philadelphia,