They Are Summating

Jeanette Mundt, Suzanna Sinclair, Erika Somogyi, Michelle Blade

These four artists create the spirit of the show by capturing themes of identity and place in their paintings. Working in a similar manner-bound by a refined application of their chosen medium-these four painters examine their spiritual, emotional and social position in society today. With three of the artists working in Brooklyn and one in San Francisco (Michelle Blade), this exhibition will be the first featuring all four artists together. “They are summating-that is, each contributing to the next” as Ram Dass put it in his 1971 book, Be Here Now.

Michelle Blade works within painting, sculpture and social practice to evince a unifying interest in the natural world and the human condition. Her paintings are investigations into moments oscillating between a past which has seen movements toward collectivity and equality, and a present filled with hope and disillusionments for a promising future.
Blade has shown at Triple Base and Jack Hanley Gallery, both in San Francisco, Union Gallery in London, Carl Berg Gallery in Los Angeles and previously at Space 1026.

Jeanette Mundt’s watercolors of women in various states of drunken-ness are based on photographs posted on social networking sites. Dealing with the way women are portrayed online, Mundt’s work presents a dark subject matter with a deceivingly delicate treatment.
Mundt has shown at Anton Kern Gallery in New York and at Max Hans Daniel in Berlin, Germany.

Personal yet with an untouchable mystique, Suzannah Sinclair’s figures are always alone and in intimate poses, be they sad, proud, hopeful, or exasperated. The matter-of-fact nakedness of the subjects tends toward confrontational and examines whether we are more comfortable with the sexual than with the emotional.
Sinclair has shown at Gallery Loyal in Stockholm, Sweden, Samson Projects in Boston, and New Image Art in Los Angels.

Erika Somogyi’s work is a mixture of landscape painting and portraiture. These two distinct genres combine to record a sublime connection with nature while simultaneously evoking a longing for a human connection.
Somogyi has shown at Mountain Fold Gallery in New York, LaMontagne Gallery in Boston, V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark and previously at Space 1026.


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Jeanette Mundt

Erika Somogyi