12.05 2006

The International Flipbook Festival

Space 1026 is proud to present:
The International Flipbook Festival 2006

The opening reception will coicide with the Space 1026 Annual Art Auction:

Friday December 15, 6:30PM to 11PM.

The show runs until December 29.

The International Flipbook Festival is a celebration of hand-powered cinema. This exhibition presents over one hundred flipbooks made by contemporary artists throughout Europe and North America.

Devised four years ago by artist Andrew Jeffrey Wright as a film festival without the film, each of the flipbooks have been submitted into one of four categories: Live Action, Animation, Experimental, and Documentary.

The International Flipbook Festival will be touring to Space 1026 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Little Cakes Gallery in New York City; Western Front Gallery in Vancouver, Canada and has already made a stop at Reg Vardy Gallery in Sunderland, UK.

Any questions contact Andrew Jeffrey Wright at: ajwspace1026@yahoo.com

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