03.09 2007

Kingdom of Magical Extinctions

The long-standing Space 1026 tradition, which has been in hiatus since
2003, re-emerges with their 2007 Food Show: Kingdom of Magical
On Sunday, April 1st, 2007 at 6 pm at Space 1026
1026 Arch Street.

In the spirit of a vegetarian chinese restaurant, whose menus are still
broken down into categories such as “mock chicken” and “mock beef” at
the Kingdom of Magical Extinctions all are invited to participate by
making a magical or extinct creature out of food, for display and/or
consumption. “Mock Unicorn,” “Mock Smurf” “Mock Pterydactyl Wings with
Chefs Special Sauce”; the possibilities are endless!

Those interested in preparing dishes for the event are asked to email
cperkins@space1026.com so she can add your creation to the “menu”. And
everyone is welcome to experience the spectacular spectacle that awaits!

The Space asks those not contributing a piece to the show to donate 5$
to help cover the costs of the event.Proceeds from the event will go towards the on-going development of the Space 1026 Mummers brigade – The Vaudevillains.

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