04.11 2007

Pumping Kill Mud Down the Drill Pipe

Pumping Kill Mud Down the Drill Pipe a collaborative printmaking mess at Space 1026 with a delicious sampling of collaborative printed works.

In this corner, Cannonball Press and Howling Print Studios are brewing up a highly caffeinated giant relief print mash up, served strong and black, of course.

The Broadside Battle will be raging on the big wall! It’s gonna be chock full of broadsides, wanted posters, public notices, gig posters – and then the competition begins…a public printoff, kind of like the NFL playoffs, but no pads or mouth guards required. Each week the best printed matter will advance until a winner is declared.

And in the opposite corner, facing off against the stark black world of Cannonball and Howling Print will be the tie dye musings of hippie love, featuring an evolving oversize screenprint featuring image casualties from the summer of love, also known as the “collaborative print wall.”

And, Drive By Press will be cranking out the prints, in the gutter outside Space 1026 all night long, and Saturday, too.

These fine print projects are brought to you by your friendly neighborhood space 1026ers.

For more information, email: Aryon

Cannonball Press
Howling Print Studio
Broadside Battle
Drive By Press

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