10.09 2007

My face is BURN

I don’t know who drew this, or where it came from, but it is obviously a drawing of a very unhappy man who’s face is on FIRE. Maybe not even a man, but they definitely have flames all over their face which I can only imagine under normal circumstances would be very UNCOMFORTABLE. It may even explain the person’s dour disposition.

Their right eye seems sorrowful, while their left eye seems disapproving, and their mouth just says “I do not enjoy existence.”

If I were to meet this person in real life I might suggest they find themselves either a cup of water or maybe a bag of flour. I heard somewhere that if you are in a kitchen and you have a grease fire, you should throw flour on it to put it out. Maybe this person’s face is really greasy, I don’t know.

And then again, there is almost something about their face that says, “I am so miserable, even if I DIDN’T have burning fire all over my face I would STILL be unhappy.” In which case I could only shake my head in pity for their tortured soul.

Maybe if they had some hair it would make them feel better.