12.14 2007

SEWATHON : A Mummer Happening

The Vaudevillains, the 1026 Mummer Brigade, will be hosting a 24 hour sewing marathon and telethon style variety show to help raise funds for the upcoming Mummer’s Day Parade. Noon to noon. Saturday to Sunday.

This event will be broadcast live to the internet. Watch online and make a donation. Broadcast begins this Saturday at noon. We will be sewing, dancing, laughing, watching movies and sharing food for 24 hours straight.

Come visit and show your support.

Watch Online:

Event Highlights:

Saturday December 15th
8 – 10pm Comedy by Non-Comedians : Hilarious comedy by your friends.
10pm Pinata Party : Smash something. Get Candy.

Sunday December 16th
7-10am Project Mummer Sew Off : Members square off to sew the best wench.
10 – 11am Vaudevillains Rehearsal : Watch us rehearse our NYE performance.

We will also be projecting movies, practicing our dance moves and building a huge octopus. Join us!

$5 donation gets you 24 hours of fun!

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