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10.01 2008

Trevor Reese and Sign at Space 1026

Installation began for Our Intentions are Honorable October’s show at Space 1026.

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1000 It\’s OKs

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It’s Ok

10.01 2008

Our Intentions Are Honorable

Through October 31st
For its October show, Space 1026 is proud to present “Our Intentions Are Honorable,” new work by Trevor Reese and Sighn.

Reese sums up the sort of tenuous optimism present in each artist’s work: “In our constant bombardment of issues large and small we try to make the best decisions in each situation. This show in general highlights that the important or sometimes arbitrary results are always a mixture of hope and doubt.”

Though each artist worked independently (Trevor in Brooklyn, NY and Sighn in Chicago, IL), their work shares key similarities that make for a natural collaboration. Each makes hand-carved text-based sculptures, the basis of larger installations, and each achieves a delicate state of introspection mixed with generosity, and confidence fraught with ambivalence.

Sighn is displaying his giant installation titled ITSOK, made up of 1,000 individual hand-cut ITSOKs. The hope is that he will complete a “limited” edition of 1 million hand-cut ITSOKs, which should take the next 50 years to complete. He is also presenting All the things I wish I could say to you, a series of new works based on crossed-out, illegible text. His work aims to access the roots and fundamentals of language, thereby achieving simple, graceful expressions of emotion.

A special edition bamboo version of ITSOK will be available in the Space 1026 store beginning this Friday.

Trevor will be exhibiting new sculptures, installation and videos that convey themes of sincerity, optimism and secrecy. Incorporating plants, music, and nostalgia, his work explores the beginnings of creativity and good intentions.

Last year Trevor made a mountain filled with “baby mountains” as part of an installation with Steve Keene at Copy Gallery in Philadelphia. A continuation of this piece, he installed another mountain based on Mt. Rotui at the Athens Institute of Contemporary Art earlier this year.

Sighn’s cut paper and wood phrases have appeared in the streets and galleries of Chicago, where he is a part of Multi Polar Projects. His work has appeared in magazines and will be featured in the upcoming book Typo.

Sighn online
> Official website
> recent work in london & chicago
>newest project, edition of 1 million

Trevor Reese Online
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