11.06 2008

Leon Reid IV Lectures at Space 1026

Leon Reid IV will present over 150 images of street work as featured in his new book, “The Adventures Of Darius and Downey” As told to Ed Zipco. The lecture will follow his trajectory from graffiti to street artist and detail his current urban interventions.

Book signing and sale after lecture.

The Adventures Of Darius and Downey, As told to Ed Zipco, is street art’s first non-fiction novel. This as-told-to narrative explores the excitement, danger and tragedy of the urban art experience. Author Ed Zipco intimately details the creative relationship between Leon Reid IV (a.k.a Verbs, a.k.a, Darius Jones) and Brad Downey, two young artists coming of age in Brooklyn, New York City.

Published by Thames & Hudson, 2008.

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