02.02 2009

Elf World: Inneractive Apiecolypse

Nomadic peoples pulled by yaks and holding candy colored machine guns. Skulls of past histories hold secrets of future breaths. Pie, cake, tea, food for the spirits. New visions in an ancient mind. Natural blessings in artificial spaces, welcome to the Tree Cafe.

Sweetness reins as the colors engulf the soul. Sadness take hold of a still installation representing the presence of peoples hanging onto dreams of natural worlds. Community gathers to nourish the holes of torn dreams and sweet hearts.

Sugar cakes and fruit tarts washed down with a cup of hot tea is sure to appease the gods and grant us forgiveness from our ancestors. Come join us in mind, body and spirit in the beginning of a new age.

Tom and Barbara have been living in Bedford Stuyvesant, NY for the past seven years. Barbara enjoys making one of a kind garments for her company, Bobbi Clothes, making music with the experimental group, Animental, and hanging out in parks with Jimmy, the dog. Tom enjoys fishing, reading Native American poetry as well as playing music with the Usaisamonster and Elvish Presley. This is Barbara and Toms second collaborative art show. The first being, New Wijiji, New Age Frontier shown at Mountain Fold gallery (www.mfoldgallery.com) in September. 2008.

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