03.27 2009

New Censored version of the Kridix Korner!

Sorry guys, but I didn’t realize how sensitive some “Progressive, forward thinking” curators can be and how prone they are to censorship, but I now know and will be more sensitive.. Sorry Damian, I didn’t think you would be so mad at me for calling you “stuck up” And Adam, I’m so sorry for spelling your name wrong, sir, but did you guys really have to delete my post? hahaha!!!

Review of Seriously Stupididty show at Shadow’s Space Gallery

Curated by Damian Whiney pants and Adam “The Maverick of Art” Wallofcabbage
Exhibition: March 18th through April 28th
Opening Reception: Wednesday, ya missed it already, 2009

By Karl Paul March 26, 2009

Seriously Stupididity at the new Shadow’s Space Gallery above the Kung Fu Neck Tie bar in South Fishtown, has a mix of stuff that some people might like or not depending on what you like and look at and especially if you go or at least see images of it, or stories even.

Without doing any research what so ever, I imagine the title has to do with the rivalry between the two curators, Damian Weinkrantz and Adam “The Maverick of Art” Wallacavage, I know they have silly fictitious last names but pleeese these dudes are total opposites, every one knows Damian is a snobby intellectual with a PHD in ART and Adam Wallacavage is a something of a maverick of the art world but they have nothing in common, hence the title of the show.

I attended the opening disguised as a dog, Amber Lynn Thompson’s dog, Sir Buckley, the model of the brilliantly bleached blonde artist’s painting, as to not to distract the crowd of stuck up Fishtown hipsters with my normal look, however most of the crowd was from South Philly and there were a few pine barren hicks there as well, I know cause 4 of their ticks jumped onto my back as I sniffed the cedar scented creek residue from their rubber boots. It’s funny being a dog, you wouldn’t believe how many people step in dog poop without realizing it.

Ok so back to art. There was art there, it was cool but what do I know? I liked it, well a lot of it but most of it I really hated. Especially Paul E’s “self portrait” I’m peeing on his leg the next time I see him, if it’s not already drenched in it already from stepping in the troft at Ray’s Happy Birthday bar, that is. I really loved the Plankton Art Company’s felt slugs, they made me really happy and Drew Leshko’s “Philadelphia” was just fantastic! I didn’t understand Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s photo titled, “Ridiculas” was that a girl or a guy? I can usually tell by sniffing but this is a photograph I’m talking about. Jim Houser’s dog photos from Brazil cracked me up and made me sad at the same time. There’s a lot of art in this show so I’m gonna end there. Check it out yourself if you feel like it or just don’t what do I care? I’m writing this for the fun of it.