03.24 2009


The DO YOU BELIEVE IN PERFORMANCE ART? tour came to an end, here in Austin, on Saturday night at the opening party for my solo show DO YOU BELIEVE IN ART? at Domy Books.

The unintentional theme of the tour “something for everyone to hate” did not hold true at this final show. Kids went so nuts for Sweatheart and Narwhalz Of Sound I felt like I was watching Woodstock 99, Altamont, The Cramps at Napa and Woodstock 69 all at the same time. And my Art Jokes performance was also well received. For the first and last time of the tour 3 acts, 3 hits, so sweet. Oh yeah, and none of us got signed. thee end.

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Then we brought it to his mechanic on Sunday and he said he’d check it out on Monday and he did and he fixed it! Can you believe that! Just like that. I wish that dude lived in Philly.

p.s. Though the DO YOU BELIEVE IN PERFORMANCE ART? tour is over I am still on the road. Next stop for me is LA for a 3 person show at New Image Art. I was planning to drive my mini-van to LA, but on Saturday night during the drive from my art opening to the place I was sleeping my mini-van’s check engine light came on and it started to have some real acceleration problems. I thought my car was going to die right there on the highway, it has happened before. The car made it to my friend’s house very stressed, there I could finally sleep thanks to the THC gummies.

Anyway to preserve my mini-van’s health I decided to take the sky highway to LA instead of the asphalt highway. LA better get ready because I am performing at the opening and so is Peggy Honeywell! More nnnnnnnnnnnnnnotes soon.