03.20 2009


We played Birmingham on Tuesday night at Greencup Books. The first floor of Greencup Books is a huge room full of new and used books. The second floor is a huge empty room with a stage. The room looks like it could hold 300 to 500 hundred people. So when each of us performed we performed for 500 people, even though there were only 8 people in the room. To quote what Narwhalz Of Sound said to the crowd that night, “I don’t care if I’m just playing to 5 people or 10 people, I’m going to give you my A+ show!” It is important to remember that you are performing for the people that showed up, not the people that didn’t show up. So don’t half heart it. It isn’t the fault of the 8 people that showed that the other 492 people neglected to come. Now go all the way live and give the crowd of 8 all you got and hope you move them so much that they buy $500. of merch a piece.