03.17 2009


How many bars in Columbia can a barely known perfromance art crew roll into, pretty much unnanounced, and then be treated as if they were U2, The Blue Man Group and Nico all rolled up into one? I think this could only happen at a singular bar here in Columbia and that bar is The Whig and fortunately for us that is the bar we were at last night. With just a few days notice Jeffrey Mayday Mayday booked us at The Whig, which is a dark, tight, little, downtown basement hole with good vibrations. The local ABC news station is on the floor above the bar and so as to not disrupt them a we couldn’t start the show until after thier 11 o’clock news broadcast was over. The show went great and I have the photos to prove it! Well, actually I don’t have a digital camera so you will have to wait three weeks until my trip is over and then another day for me to get my film developed and then another few hours for me to scan the photos and then woo la! Photos to prove it! Sweatheart is now officially a college rock band. Narwhalz Of Sound is now a therapy session. My Art Jokes performance is now an experimantal one man play about God, Nature and Beanie Babies. Tonight we hit Greancup Books in Birmingham at 9pm. If you live near Birmingham please show up. If you have friends that live within a 248 mile radius of Birmingham tell them to be there. Thanks.